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Gooood morning. I hope your week is turning in to a good one? This mornings wedding is a lovely one, Dominic and James gave me so much information about their day, it made it very easy to write up their gorgeous wedding. They styled their day around candles and cocktails with a palette of grey and blue. Already sounding pretty lovely right? Loving the tweed and tartan suits.

photography | Aaron Collett

1001_alf5952 1002_abc7090 theflowers

Sweet Rose – We had a very important flower requirement, keep it simple! Our buttonholes and corsages were made of White Lisianthus, Blue Eryngium Thistle and White Gypsophila.  These flowers were echoed on the tables and White Gypsophila were added to the hurricane lamps for the main Wedding Breakfast.

1003_abc7100 1004_alf5967 1005_alf5972 thevenue

Dodford Manor – Dodford Manor was our fourth venue to visit and the moment we arrived, we know it was the last one we needed to look at! Nestled in the English countryside overlooking rolling Northamptonshire hills and mingled with sheep, we instantly knew it was the right venue for us. With two main barns, one for the ceremony and one for the wedding breakfast; the venue is built around a grass courtyard and everything is taken care of. The staff were always on hand and happy to help make this “our day” and nothing was too much trouble.

1006_alf5974 1007_tcc1567 1008_alf5998 1009_tcc1587 thegroom

Jack Bunneys The Grooms and Groomsmen were all wearing the same suit, The Blue Newbury – made from super-fine pure wool English Flannel. The Groomsmen both had matching waistcoats with pocket squares and ties. The Grooms opted for a lightweight Scottish tweed waistcoat and Dom wore a matching bow tie and James had a matching tie to mix it up a little.

The aftershave: Allure Edition Blanche by Chanel and Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch

Shoes by Barkers of Northampton
Shirts from T.M.Lewin
Socks from SockShop
Pocket watches from pocketwatch.co.uk and Notonthehighstreet.com

1010_alf6012 1011_tcc1638 1012_tcc1650 thebridesmaids

Little Mistress – We didn’t want our Best Women (love this term) to look like bridesmaids so they knew the colours we were thinking of and between them they looked for suitable outfits that worked for them.

It just so happened that Little Mistress had a wide range, in a number of styles that matched both the colour and each other’s choices.

1013_alf6042 1014_tcc1671 1015_abc7268 thestationery

Designed by the Grooms Dom and Jay – The Save the Date invites had a “Back to the Future” look and were printed on fridge magnets – which went down a storm.  It even prompted one guest to hope it was going to be a Back to the Future themed wedding!

For our Wedding Invitations, we adapted an idea for a guestbook to match one of Dom’s loves – Disney.  The front of the invitation simply said: “Be Our Guest” and the insides were overprinted with all the details for each guest, including a unique personal website address linking to their own wedding RSVP form. 

The style of the invitations carried on to the Order of Service and Menus which were used through the day as well as onto the wedding emails we regularly sent out from our blog.

1016_tcc1731 1017_abc7296 1018_tcc1748 1019_alf6069 1020_alf6070 1021_tcc1759 1022_alf6086 1023_tcc1775 1024_tcc1794 1025_tcc1812 1026_tcc1845 1027_tcc1852 1028_abc7339 1029_alf6124 1031_alf6144 1032_abc7349 1033_tcc1938 1034_tcc1972 1035_abc7366 1036_tcc2012 1037_alf6155 1038_tcc2021 1039_alf6180 1040_abc7561 1041_abc7602 thephotographer

Aaron Collett – We knew from the first time we met Aaron that he would be a perfect fit for our wedding and we were not disappointed. To say we were amazed at what Aaron managed to capture both on our wedding day and our on our pre-wedding shoot is an understatement.  He must have been a ninja in a former life as we hardly saw him during the ceremony and speeches and yet we have such intimate and compelling moments captured from them. We have truly awesome photos from our wedding day and wouldn’t hesitate to fully recommend him.

1042_abc7606 1043_abc7661 1044_tcc2032 1045_abc7696 1046_abc7707 1047_alf6249 thedecor

We didn’t have a theme as such, but we wanted the day to represent us.  The colours were Blue and Grey which came from the invitations, designed by the Grooms

Dodford Manor lends itself to the “less is more” style of decoration. 

The ceremony room is beautiful as is and only needed a little addition of end seat blue bows with Gypsophila, simple flowers in bottles to match the buttonholes and corsages and candles down the aisle.  We also found some lovely D&J LED lights which sat perfectly on the ceremony table.

Cocktails were to be enjoyed on the lawn (our Instagram is full of cocktail pics) and included Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and a Hollywood (non-alcoholic) served alongside mini sweet canapes.

The wedding breakfast was held in the Oak Barn with simple white table linen, crockery and simple cutlery.  The seating plan was written on a beautiful mirror.  The napkins were pocket folded so that the menus (printed and designed also by the Grooms) could slot in them and the table was then completed with either a candelabra or hurricane lamp. 

Each table was named after a cocktail. We had

  • Amaretto Sour
  • Bellini
  • Champagne Cocktail
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Mojito
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Singapore Sling
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Vesper Martini (James favourite drink and one of the first things Dom made for him!)

In the main room was a L.O.V.E. light up sign which was a great addition to the day and truly made a fantastic backdrop during the evenings dancing.

The idea of candles and cocktails is something we love and wanted to bring to our day.

Cocktail Mixes Funkin Juices

Seating Plan, Candelabra and Ceremony Room seat bows Beaulicious 

L.O.V.E Sign Special Events MK

1048_alf6250 thefooddrink

Jenkinsons are the approved caterer of Dodford Manor and it’s easy to see why.  They build their menu around you prior to the big day and everything ran perfectly. 

We decided to go for a four course Wedding Breakfast which featured

  • Amuse-Bouche – Poached Salmon with Watercress Dressing
  • Insalata Tricolore – Slices of Beef Tomato, Avocado and Mozzarella Pearls on a Rocket Salad with a Balsamic Dressing
  • Celebration of Pork – Succulent Roast Pork Belly with a Fillet of Pork wrapped in Serrano Ham, served with Seasonal Green Vegetables, Heart Potato Fondant and a Plum & Apple Jus
  • Assiette of Desserts – A trio of Lemon Meringue Pie, White Chocolate & Peach Crème Brûlée and Summer Fruit Eton Mess

1049_alf6252 1050_alf6257 1051_tcc2060 1052_abc7731 thefavours

Matrimonial Martini Olive Candles

1053_alf6273 1054_alf6277 1055_alf6327 1056_tcc2172 1057_tcc2196 1058_tcc2204 1059_tcc2224 1060_tcc2229 1061_tcc2241 1062_tcc2285 1063_tcc2321 1064_tcc2347 1065_abc7792 1066_tcc2381 1067_abc7810 1068_abc7816 1069_tcc2399 1070_tcc2435 1071_tcc2459 1072_tcc2478 1073_tcc2494 1074_alf6393 1075_tcc2591 thecakeGardeners Bakery – We had seen a Lego inspired cake on Pinterest and knew that we had to try and get something similar.  We spoke to Gardeners Bakery and they were completely unfazed by the idea.  When we went for a tasting we love the range of flavours they had to offer. When we saw the cake for the first time, we were absolutely delighted and a little emotional!

1076_alf6411 1077_alf6418 1078_abc7949 1079_tcc2601 1080_tcc2620 1081_tcc2641 1082_tcc2653 1083_tcc2673 1084_tcc2710 1085_alf6447 1086_alf6461 1087_abc7960 1088_alf6463 1089_alf6481 1090_alf6517 1091_abc8000 1092_tcc2738 1093_abc8004 1094_tcc2760 1095_alf6603 1096_alf6620 1097_alf6622 1098_tcc2796 1099_tcc2823 1100_alf6628 1101_alf6688 1102_alf6717 1103_alf6740 1104_alf6769 1105_abc8085 1106_alf6809 1107_abc8105 1108_abc8114 1109_alf6833 1110_abc8188 favouritemoment

For James it was seeing all our family and friends in the same room as we walked down the aisle.

For Dom it was the last song of the eventing “Never Forget” by Take That with all our family and friends in a circle around us signing at the top of their voices whilst Dom channelled his inner “Gary Barlow” and rocked the dancefloor!

1111_alf6944 1112_alf6981 1113_alf7024 1114_alf7030 1115_alf7122 1116_alf7203 1117_alf7290 1118_alf7441advice

We got inspiration from everywhere.  We used Pinterest a lot which was a great source of ideas as well as thoughts of things we’d seen at other weddings as well as what we wanted to do.  We were really keen for people to go “oh that’s so the boys!” and make our wedding an extension of us and our lives.

We also used wedding blogs to get ideas and loved many of the articles on SoYoureGettingMarried.com

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