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img_7817 Hola! Just a quick post from me today to say that we are insanely excited to be heading to the Seychelles with the Hilton group this week. It’s a destination I’ve always dreamed about visiting {in fact I was so convinced we would go there for our honeymoon that we had a vintage bus blind made up with the Seychelles written on it. In the end due to the time of year/weather etc we ended up going to The Maldives – and had to have the bus blind changed!} soo I can’t wait to go and visit this time around. We’ll be staying with three different resorts out there:

You can follow along via our Instagram and our other social channels with the hashtag #SYGMInTheSeychelles and we promise to try and bring some of the sunshine home with us. And a LOT of honeymoon inspiration. I understand that honeymoon planning has a lot riding on it {to me it was just as important as our wedding day} so I promise that I’ll tell you everything.

Back soon!

R <3 xx

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