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With only three weeks left until the Big Day, I thought it was about time we had a chat about all things beauty.

I was always undecided as to whether or not I should do my hair and make-up myself. I wouldn’t say I’m the queen of contour, but I’m not bad at “doing myself up”. When it comes to hair though, I never really wear an “up-do”, so after a few failed attempts at copying YouTube tutorials, I decided to book a hairdresser.

I’d spotted Alice Elizabeth Hair on Instagram and just instantly knew I had to go there. These girls are the balayage bosses, and after spotting a few gorgeous messy boho up-do’s, I booked my appointment with their bridal specialist, Lindsay.

We sat down and had a good play around for a couple of hours, trying to get a good feel for what my hair will and won’t do, and what kind of style suits me from all angles. I showed her a few of the pictures from above which I’d saved from Pinterest, and we found a nice middle ground between sleek bridal up-do and messy bohemian bun. My appointment was at 9am and it stayed in all day, with only a few little flyaways, so I was absolutely chuffed with my decision.

I’ll be getting a blow dry the day before to make sure my hair is prepped with the right products, and then Lindsay will be joining me from 8.30am on the day. So no lie-ins for the bridesmaids! Sorry gals!


Make-up was the thing that I stressed most about, because I was just so torn between paying someone to do it and doing it myself. But then I figured, I know my face better than anyone, and so I ought to just treat myself to some nice new makeup and have a go myself.

I want something nice and natural, but with just a little more coverage than my day-to-day face. I took a trip to Mac and got some tips on how to apply foundation so it stays all day, and left the shop with a primer, foundation, pressed powder and setting spray. I’m lucky that we get sent a lot of beauty samples at work, so I already had lipstick, eyeshadows and contour palette’s lined up.

I’m really loving the look of a subtle bronze smokey eye, with a natural blush on the lips. If I look anything like the ladies above then I’ll be really pleased!

I’ve also booked myself in at my local salon to get a Shellac mani and eyelash extensions a couple of days before the wedding, which I’m really looking forward to! I’m going for Lash Perfect extensions – has anyone had these before? They last up to two weeks so hopefully they’ll still look fab on our honeymoon. I’m going book in for a cut and colour the week before the wedding to give it a nice refresh. I think I’m going to go a bit lighter in the ends, and bring the balayage higher up so that my roots aren’t quite as big. This will probably look better with my hair up, too!

The countdown is really on now, and this time next month, I’ll be a married woman, sunning myself in the beautiful Maldives. Ahhhh!

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