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After months of top secret planning on my Maid of Honour’s behalf, last week was finally time for my hen party – and it was one of the best weekend’s I’ve ever had!

A couple of weeks ago, an invitation arrived through my letter box from my hens, telling me what I needed to pack in my suitcase (comfy pj’s, a white lace dress and dancing shoes!) and to arrive at the train station for 5.30pm. No details, no hints as to where we were going… nothing!

Now, I suffer with anxiety, and public transport is one of my triggers, so putting complete trust in my pals to get me to the station and on the right train was a big deal for me. Naturally, a double G+T was needed before we boarded the train.

We hopped on a connecting train to Sheffield, and it wasn’t until we boarded the second train that I discovered we were going to Manchester! We then hopped in a taxi, which, after around 15 minutes, pulled up outside a church.

There was a block of apartments opposite, so I assumed that’s where we were staying, but nope… we were staying in the church! A couple of friends had already arrived, so greeted us at the door and led us through the main entrance into a super cool 8-bedroom apartment nestled at the back of the church.


Leading me through the front door of the apartment, the girls had decorated with fairy lights, bunting, drunken photographs of me, and there was even a ‘selfie station’ kitted out with props. They’d crafted a cocktail menu and purchased all of the ingredients, so once I’d got a drink in my hand, I was given the grand tour.



Everyone had their own pink ‘Bride Squad’ dressing gown and I had a white ‘Bride to Be’ number, so we got into our PJs and played some games whilst eating pizza and getting to know each other. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends – some of them hadn’t even met each other – but they’d all got their heads together to plan this amazing weekend just for little old me! At around 1am, we rolled into bed.



The next morning started with bacon. Lots of bacon. My Maid of Honour, Tamzin, had presented me with an itinerary of the day and our first stop was at Beauty and Bubbles in Manchester, for afternoon tea and pampering.


We had the whole place to ourselves and indulged in sandwiches, cakes, tea and prosecco, whilst one-by-one, they called out our names to get some beauty treatments.


We all got manicures/pedicures and I had my lashes done, whilst some others opted for a massage. Then we hot-footed it back to our apartment to get ready for a night of cocktails and dancing!

I’d been told to wear a white dress, and the girls were dressed in black!


First stop was The Alchemist for food and cocktails – if you haven’t been before, you ought to pay a visit and try out some of their incredible drinks! They’re super theatrical, all-out, smoking cocktails and I loved it!



We also went to a champagne bar called Epernay, and visited Revolucion de Cuba for some dancing. Deciding to call it a night around 2.30, we hopped in a cab back to the apartment and finished off the leftover pizza from the night before. Naturally.

We all woke up a little fuzzy on Sunday morning, but it was nothing that a good brunch couldn’t cure, and we’d got ourselves a table booked at Home Sweet Home. I honestly could have had one of everything, but opted for a veggie potato hash with all the trimmings, and a Bloody Mary.


I really didn’t want to come home. I’d had the best weekend with my absolute favourite girls, and got a bit emotional that they’d done such an incredible job. It just goes to show how well they all know me, as it’s exactly the kind of weekend I would have booked myself.

Rob has his stag do in a couple of weeks, and I actually have two more hen parties to enjoy (one with work colleagues, one with family) so the party certainly isn’t over yet!


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Abbey Treacy //

They should consider topless waiters to serve food and drinks to the bride’s guests as well as provide some games. It’s really fun!