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Evening all! If you read my weekend edits and my personal posts you will know that I have suffered/struggled with anxiety for many years. It is something that I have become comfortable talking about over the last year and I will continue to do so. One of the benefits of not being tied to traditional advertising is that I can do what I want with the blog, one thing I have wanted to do this year is align myself with a charity. Whilst I am not on the scale of even the highest of Z-list celebrity, I still have a platform that is powerful and respected by many. And ya know, a blue tick on twitter…

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Because of Mind, millions of people have access to much needed support and help. I waited for over a year on the NHS waiting list to get access to CBT. I knew it would be worth it in the end but that wait seemed like ages, I wish I had had the extra support there when I needed it. Whilst I don’t like to compare one persons mental health to anothers, I know mine is not as bad as many other sufferers. I managed to get through my wait by seeing my doctor and discussing various medications and self help methods with him. Whilst I didn’t progress in this time, I didn’t get any worse, and that was very important.

I am sure if you are a reader of the blog you will not mind some extra sponsored content in November, it will all still be targeted and selected to fit in with SYGM so there won’t be random adverts for fungal nail cream or carpets. I just want to use the blog as a platform for doing something worthwhile (not that wedding inspiration isn’t worthwhile!!) and help give to a charity. I have also applied as a volunteer so will be giving my time too.


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All revenue made from advertising taken out for November 2016 will be donated to Mind. If you would like to support a great charity and reach the wonderful SYGM readers at the same time then please get in touch. I will still be selecting brands that align with the blog, but I will be open to accepting up to 6-8 sponsored posts for November rather than my usual of 3 or 4.

Email and I can send you our rates and stats.

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