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I think I have mentioned it before, but choosing music was a real struggle for me. I love music but I am not a music snob, I will listen to everything and anything. I don’t particularly gravitate towards live music but Mr Miller liked the idea of a band. It was so hard to narrow down a genre, we didn’t want to confine our entire evening to a certain style of sound such as jazz or 60s. We eventually found a band we loved, though I wouldn’t recommend them again as they were meant to play at a friends wedding and cancelled a few days beforehand. So where do you go for good recommendations? Tailored Entertainment got in contact with me and after chatting I realised that what we needed on SYGM was a kind of advice post on what options are available aside from plugging in your i-pod (which is totally fine by the way).

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Choosing the ultimate wedding entertainment can seem like a never-ending task. When picking an act that you and your guests will love, from the youngest guest right up to your Great-Granny, the choices can seem overwhelming. And how do you know you’ve made the right choice? 2016 has seem some amazing wedding entertainment options emerge, from fabulous festival-style bands, to roaming bands, singing waiters and awesome 90s pop; and the best news is that Tailored Entertainment has them all!

So we asked the people over at Tailored Entertainment HQ to give us some advice on the Top 10 most popular wedding entertainment options, guaranteed to really make your wedding day the best day of your life!

Festival Style Wedding Entertainment

It’s not difficult to see why music festivals are more popular than ever – with the amazing atmosphere, chilled summer vibes and music to blow your mind, it’s no wonder so many couples choose to bring the feel of the festivals to their big day. Check out our fantastic festival headliner-style bands like Festival Nights or Smith & Sons to give your friends and family a night they’ll never forget!


Roaming Bands

‘What’s a roaming band?’ we hear you cry! Well, it pretty much does what it says on the tin. More and more couples are now opting for a rather more unique entertainment experience and a roaming band, such as the hugely popular Wanderland Band does just that. Whilst performing, the completely acoustic, unplugged band roam freely around your venue, completely captivating and engaging all of your wedding guests creating a totally fun and amazing atmosphere. The ultimate recipe for brilliant wedding entertainment, we think you’ll agree!


Rock and Pop Bands 

You just can’t beat an amazing Rock and Pop band. Playing chart-topping hits from the last 5 decades, you can be sure that the classic party atmosphere will keep all your guests on their feet all night. Check out amazing Midlands-based band, The Heights and the ever-popular Pop Rocks – they certainly won’t disappoint.


Vintage Bands

Vintage-themed weddings have really come into their own this year. Bands such as Gatsby’s Jukebox, with their 1920’s twist on modern hits and The Vinyls, a 1950s rock n roll style trio, add that touch of vintage class and retro fun to really make your wedding sparkle. 


Indie/Rock Wedding Bands

Want to relive your youth and party the night away to bands that would make The Artic Monkeys jealous? Well pop the kettle on and put your feet up, because you’ve just found them! Bands such as Alive and Jubilee play those floor-fillers guaranteed to kick-start any party.


Singing Waiters

2016 has certainly been the year to surprise your guests! The West End Waiters is the name and an amazing, unexpected performance is the game! Taking on the unassuming guise of ordinary waiting staff, these exceptional performers will surprise and enchant your guests with a superbly orchestrated (and surprise!) performance that you’ll never forget.


Live-lounge Style 

Acoustic, chilled wedding entertainment is as popular as ever. With many couples opting for a relaxed atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Live Lounge-style bands and acoustic acts have had a busy year. Check out the amazing Live Lounge Band, who play stunning covers of the biggest Radio One Live Lounge performances to date, and The Live Lounge Sound, perfect if you’re tying the knot in a venue with strict noise restrictions.


Soul and Motown Bands

If you love the sweet soul sounds of Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons and The Supremes (who doesn’t?) then a Soul and Motown Wedding Band is sure to really light a fire under your evening’s entertainment. Book the fantastic Empire Soul and prepare to have incredibly sore feet by the end of the night!



Did you dream of being a pop star? Did you stand in front of your mirror and belt out your favourite tunes into your hairbrush? Are you looking for a fantastic alternative to a normal band? Well here’s your answer! The awesome Live Karaoke Band is a hugely popular choice for couples looking for a brilliantly fun way to involve and entertain all their guests, and get them singing with a live band! And who knows… there could be a budding star in your midst…

90s Pop 

Many couples getting married now are children of the 90s and what better way for you and your friends to celebrate your marriage, than by getting on down to the tunes you grew up partying to? Do you know every single word of the Spice Girls’ back catalogue? Can you rap the whole of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Is MC Hammer your ultimate jam? Then have the amazing Sega and the Boombox perform for you and be prepared to party like it’s 1999.

Whichever wedding entertainment option you choose, you can guarantee that by choosing a band exclusively represented by Tailored Entertainment that the quality is second to none. They only work with the best young, professional musicians, so what you’ll find is a very select, hand-picked roster of the best bands available to hire for weddings and functions in the UK and abroad.


So what are you waiting for? Visit their website,, or give them a ring on 0845 094 1911 to talk about what they can do to help make your wedding day the most incredible day of your life!

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Thank you to Tailored Entertainment for working with me on this post, without them I would have been rather clueless! To see more about sponsored posts on SYGM click here.


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Emily Waters //

We had Festival Nights (the guys in the second photo) at our wedding and they were AMAZING! We’ve had so many compliments about them and the dance floor was always packed. Highly recommend xx

Keith Donaghy //

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With a wedding casino there are no restrictions or gaming licenses needed as you are just playing for fun money, with the chance of winning a prize at the end of the session. Having a fun casino also creates a nice photo opportunity as your photographer can setup a shot to have your hands or wedding rings on the number that matches your wedding date on the roulette table!

You can personalise your casino by having your names and pictures on each fun money note which you and your guests can keep as a memento of the day.
Keith @

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