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So we’re now 7 weeks away from the big day and it’s all starting to feel so real and exciting! As we got engaged a year and a half ago, I remember booking our venue and thinking how far away it was; it definitely didn’t seem real until about a month ago. But honestly, time has absolutely flown by, and as we enter the final two months of wedding plans, it seems like everything has picked up again.

I was explaining to a friend at the weekend that there’s so much to do when you first become engaged, then things cool off, and then it’s all systems go right before the big day. I must admit, I am panicking slightly in case there are things I haven’t thought of, but keep telling myself there’s still plenty of time…
I’ve had my first meeting with the seamstress and she’s busy working away at the alterations. There’s just one thing on the dress that I’m not particularly happy with, but we’ve come up with some solutions and so I’m stopping by again tomorrow to see how things go. Rob bought his suit jacket, waistcoat and bow tie – he just needs to buy his shoes and trousers! His mum managed to find his old racing badge from when he was little – it’s a tiny silver car that he’ll wear next to his buttonhole. I love little personal touches like that!

My hair trial has been booked for a couple of weeks’ time at Alice Elizabeth in Derby – their Instagram page is what drew me in: lots of beachy waves and messy boho up-do’s! I’ve never been to the salon before, but they’ve been super helpful so far so I don’t have any doubt that I’m in the right hands. I need to pay a visit to some make-up counters to get a few bits and bobs, and once I’m done I’ll post a haul to show everything I got, along with some inspiration for the bridal beauty look I’m going for.

I’m still doing bits and bobs of décor DIY; saving ALL of the brown beer bottles for our flowers (seriously, our cupboards are bursting!) and I’m pretty sure the sales assistants at Hobbycraft know me by name. I’m planning on getting everything I need to buy before my hen party which is just two weeks away! That way, I’ll be able to relax and have a fun weekend with the girls, before Rob and I have to do ~serious~ stuff like meeting with our registrar and planning our vows. Can’t we just say “I do” and let the partying commence?!

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