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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning beautiful reader, how was your weekend? We have a gorgeous wedding up this morning The warming orange tones are perfect for this time of year (unless we have another heat wave next week!) and I love the choice of dark bridesmaids dresses. Hollie and Dan leave some excellent advice for you brides to be so have a read and enjoy their day. I love Jonathan’s style of photography, he is always a welcome addition to the blog.

photography | Jonathan Ellis 

londonweddingphotographer0001 londonweddingphotographer0002 londonweddingphotographer0003 thevenue

The venue was the beautiful Stanhill Court Hotel

londonweddingphotographer0004 londonweddingphotographer0005 londonweddingphotographer0006 londonweddingphotographer0007 londonweddingphotographer0008 londonweddingphotographer0009 londonweddingphotographer0010 londonweddingphotographer0011 londonweddingphotographer0012 thebride

Bride’s dress /shoes: Wed2be/ Debenhams 

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Vintage hair clip Debenhams / Veil: Wed2be

londonweddingphotographer0016 londonweddingphotographer0018 theflowers

Flora and Nora  

londonweddingphotographer0019 londonweddingphotographer0020 londonweddingphotographer0022 londonweddingphotographer0023 londonweddingphotographer0024 londonweddingphotographer0025 londonweddingphotographer0026 londonweddingphotographer0027 londonweddingphotographer0028 londonweddingphotographer0029 londonweddingphotographer0030 londonweddingphotographer0031 londonweddingphotographer0032 londonweddingphotographer0033 londonweddingphotographer0034 londonweddingphotographer0035 thegroom

Suits : Marks and Spencer’s 
Shoes : Kurt Geiger 
Ties : eBay
Pocket squares: eBay

londonweddingphotographer0036 londonweddingphotographer0037 londonweddingphotographer0038 londonweddingphotographer0039 londonweddingphotographer0040 londonweddingphotographer0041 londonweddingphotographer0042 londonweddingphotographer0043 londonweddingphotographer0044 londonweddingphotographer0045 londonweddingphotographer0046 londonweddingphotographer0047 londonweddingphotographer0048 londonweddingphotographer0049 londonweddingphotographer0050 londonweddingphotographer0051 londonweddingphotographer0052 londonweddingphotographer0053 londonweddingphotographer0054 thebridesmaids

Dresses: Monsoon

Shoes: New Look 

londonweddingphotographer0055 londonweddingphotographer0056 londonweddingphotographer0057 londonweddingphotographer0058 londonweddingphotographer0060 londonweddingphotographer0061 londonweddingphotographer0062 londonweddingphotographer0063 londonweddingphotographer0064 londonweddingphotographer0065 londonweddingphotographer0066 londonweddingphotographer0067 londonweddingphotographer0068 favouritemoment

The speeches, everyone reminiscing the following morning at breakfast and the reception as you finally get to relax and let go.

londonweddingphotographer0069 londonweddingphotographer0070 londonweddingphotographer0071 londonweddingphotographer0072 londonweddingphotographer0073 londonweddingphotographer0074 londonweddingphotographer0075 londonweddingphotographer0076 londonweddingphotographer0077 londonweddingphotographer0078 londonweddingphotographer0079 londonweddingphotographer0080 londonweddingphotographer0081 londonweddingphotographer0082 londonweddingphotographer0083 londonweddingphotographer0084 londonweddingphotographer0085 londonweddingphotographer0086 londonweddingphotographer0087 londonweddingphotographer0088 londonweddingphotographer0089 advice

You can’t please everyone. Make sure you make time for yourselves to enjoy it because it really does go in a matter of moments – you blink and it’s over. We liked the idea of trying to find independent companies as you get a more personal touch and the money actually helps them starting businesses etc rather than just big companies.

Also if we hadn’t seen or heard from people in the two years we were engaged they weren’t coming to the wedding – we didn’t want to look out to everyone at our wedding and look at a bunch of strangers , also if the other half hadn’t met them (in the 11 years we’d been together) then we didn’t invite them . We did a kids table and sat the parents on the tables backing on to them so they could meet each other during dinner so after dinner they went off to play and put the parents of the children with other parents they ended up taking it in turns to check on the kids so it gave them a chance to relax and enjoy the evening as well 

Where did you find your inspiration?

We was engaged for 2 years before we got married, the first year we just looked online and chatted about what we wanted and when it came to booking it we had kind of got all our ideas together and then sourced things out online!


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