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Good evening! We are back to our regular schedule of Sunday night weekend edits. This week has been tiring. I am very much over the whole kitchen thing now, we were meant to be near completion last week so we could at least start putting stuff away but we aren’t. At least the floor is now in. Completion should be this Tuesday…we shall see hey? Continual takeaways/eating out/not eating due to food in/lack of fridge/microwave/toaster etc has started to take its toll on my tummy and it has really not been happy. I am so looking forward to going back to my usual diet. 


Monday and as expected a dash to Tesco for clean underwear after the workmen arrived. Had kitchen fitters plus the work surfaces were templated. I am still nervous about the worktops because you choose your marble from a sample piece no bigger than a coaster. It could look awful on a large scale!!

I also shot a friend in the French Connection pieces I had chosen for a little wedding guest collaboration piece. She looked beaut (dress in main pic is this one). I also took the opportunity to take a pic of the new SYGM candles that are *almost* ready for release. Pictures is wedding morning which is scented with jasmine, rose, spearmint and eucalyptus. It is a lightly floral and super invigorating scent and I am so excited for you to get your hands on one. We still have Wedding Evening to reveal. If you would like to know as soon as they release then feel free to sign up to the newsletter. You will be the first to know (and maybe a potential discount code).


I love the above image (I took it, I know right), the light in Karla’s front room is gorgeous. Beautiful buttery suede coat with grey jersey lining.


Tuesday and the electricians were back in at 7.30am (not a fan). We managed to sort out our dispute with downlights and have proper spot lights put in above the oven (isn’t it shiny?).


Beautiful plates arrive from Zara Home. They are dishwasher safe and the size of a regular dinner plate. Ive bought a few pretty extra bits of crockery to go with our existing plain white set from John Lewis.

Wednesday and more workmen in. I had to wait for the flooring to arrive but there was no food in the house so I was getting grumpier and grumpier. I was finally able to go out around 2ish and grab something to eat.

img_2159 img_2053

Came home to the arrival of a shiny new kettle from De’Longhi (currently £ off). I am going to be honest, there was nothing wrong with my old kettle (which has gone to a new home) I just really loved this one and thought it would go perfectly in the new kitchen.


Atticus and I escaped up some old monastery steps near the house for a quick wander.


Thursday started off quite slowly. I love how this paint changes in different light. See the two images below taken within 30 mins of each other.


I got a text from my mother saying “are you home”. I responded with “yes”. She replied with “free for a cuppa?”. This may seem normal to most but my family live hundreds of miles away so to pop in for a cuppa is quite unheard of. It turns out my nana was staying with them and they had driven up to Rotherham for the day to look at the house my Nana grew up in, which is Clifton Park Museum. She was there whilst it was a museum, I am still not quite sure on the whats and whys but do know she used to say goodnight to a giant taxidermy lion before bed.

We went for cake, they had a nosy at the kitchen. Was such a lovely surprise.


Friday and the decorator was back in to touch up around the electricians work and to paint the cabinets and doors in their final coat. He finished at about 3 and my goodness…the house to myself for a few hours. It was bliss. I decided to run a bath and watch some Alaskan Bush People…15 mins in to my relaxation and a knock at the door…this arrived…


Yes it is an orange tree. Michael has wanted one for ages, one of the office’s he visits has them and when in bloom they smell heavenly. Not quite sure how it is going to cope in a Yorkshire kitchen but we can try.

Saturday saw the arrival of more workmen (so over men being in the house non stop now) but it was for the floor to be laid! They arrived at 8.30 and finished around 2 ish. We managed to pop out for brunch but my tummy really wasn’t happy so I had a fresh juice and some cake when I got back home. Really happy with how it looks, I would have loved herringbone but at £5k or something more to lay it, just wasn’t worth it.

I will upload some better pics of the floor to instagram tomorrow. And that leads us to Sunday. We spent the day getting the house semi ready for everything to go in this week. I can’t tell you how irritated I am with the current living conditions, everywhere you look there is boxes or piles of stuff up the sides of the stairs. Can’t wait to get everything in to its home. I am writing this up then going for a bath, painting my nails then an early night ahead of more workmen in tomorrow. Week ahead goes like this:

Monday – kitchen units finished

Tuesday – BIG DAY!!! Marble top laid and taps fixed in, oh and decorator back in to do touch ups.

Wednesday – no CBT, decorator back in to finish hall.


Friday – table and bench arrives

Saturday – kitchen warming!!!


We are nearly there now, what on earth will I blog about when this is all done? Oh yeah…bathroom is next! Wish me luck, final hurdle then I can flood insta with kitchen pics.

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