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So this is it. My final post before I become Mrs. Grocott in 1 week and 1 days time. I can’t believe how fast the last 9 months have whizzed by, from getting engaged to the week before we say I do but I have to say, I’ve loved every single moment of it.

My family and I are super close anyway; we holiday and spend a lot of time together, and are constantly on the family Whatsapp group. But if possible, I think planning the wedding has brought us all even closer. It’s made me feel very humbled to have such amazing, kind and generous people surrounding me and I’ll be forever grateful for all the help and effort both our families and friends have made in the run up to the wedding.

Even though we still have just over a week to go, this time next week I’ll be in the middle of rural Wales preparing the last bits for the big day. Our flowery delivery is arriving Thursday so we’ll be unboxing everything and putting it all into buckets of water overnight. Then a few of my best friends will be arriving that evening so there will no doubt be prosecco and therefore no time to blog (the Wifi 100% wouldn’t work there in any case).

On the Saturday just gone I had another dress fitting (not the final one, that was on Tuesday night! It’s now ready to be picked up to take to Wales, eek!). Mike decided to come with me and said he would sit in the cafe across from the dress studio and do a bit of work whilst he was waiting. When I arrived my sister was already there and my other sister and Mum followed shortly. Once I had the dress on I received a text from Mike telling me to go to the door of the studio…so off I went where I found a box waiting for me. I began to open it and lo and behold, it was a pair of JIMMY CHOO’S! Mike had gone out and bought me a pair based on a few suggestions from my sister and a look at my wedding shoes Pinterest board I’d left open on the laptop one day. I can now officially announce that I have the best fiance ever, and feel like one very lucky, spoiled lady!

The shoes were INCREDIBLE but unfortunately when I got home and tried them on properly I quickly realised my foot slipped around in them and I couldn’t walk. Cue a trip to Selfridges with Mike to choose a new pair! I had visions of falling down the aisle in the original pair but Mike helped choose a new pair which I think he likes even more than the first ones now. We went for the Fancies (I just love the name too!) which were made as part of Jimmy Choo’s 20th Anniversary Momento Collection.

So what next? Well this coming weekend we’ll be driving around picking up the last things including a garland I’ve had made as part of the decor, favours from my Aunty and my engagement ring as it’s currently in being cleaned. On Sunday we’re both getting a haircut and next Wednesday I have a full day at the salon to get my shellac nails done, as well as a pedicure, wax, LVL lashes and HD brows – that’s one day I’m NOT looking forward to.

So, I will see you on the other side! I plan on blogging about the wedding once it’s over too. I wasn’t able to share any pictures or be more specific on some subjects as they’re top secret but post wedding I can’t wait to share every last detail. And of course the wedding photo’s…

If you do want to follow the last week or so in the run up to the wedding, you can find me on Instagram @hollywoodcock

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