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Good afternoon all! How has your week been so far? There will be a 30u30 up the next time I can grab some internet instead today we have a super bright and beautiful barn wedding. Bursting with vibrant colour, happy smiles and bunting galore. I am usually one to shy away from colour but Sam and Jamie absolutely nail it at their wedding and I love it. I hope you enjoy and thank you all for baring with me whilst I have no electricity. Hopefully will be back in to full fling next week.

photography | Two D Photography

S&J-2 S&J-503S&J-500S&J-502S&J-482 S&J-11 thevenue

Our ceremony took place at the beautiful and historic Elstow Abbey Church, a church which means so much to Jamie and myself as his mum and late father were married there so it held sentimental value for all of us to follow in their footsteps. The reception followed in a 13th century Tithe Barn at The Barns Hotel, in Bedford, where I actually work as the weddings manager. 

S&J-13 S&J-18 S&J-20 thehair&makeup

I had the talented Sarah Dunn from sarahsdoowopdos do my hair and make up on the morning! She specialises in vintage styles and with very little guidance from myself was able to create the perfect look to go with my 1940s dress! I opted for a relaxed curled up do, due to the unpredictable weather in March and finished it off with some gorgeous fresh flowers!

S&J-26 S&J-28 S&J-30 S&J-37 S&J-38 S&J-42 S&J-44 S&J-63 S&J-71 S&J-72 thebride

I always knew what I would wear should I ever get married so when the time came to start putting plans into motion I booked the appointment and with my mum and sister in tow off we went to Candy Anthony in London! 

I opted for a 1940s tea length dress with a 3/4 sleeve Nottingham lace overlay, 4 enormous layers of white fluffy petticoat and finished off with a gold silk sash! As soon as I tried the dress on I knew my intuition was right, it was everything I hoped it would be! 

I finished the look off with some lush Melissa heals from Vivienne Westwood which matched the gold sash to a tea and for plastic shoes were surprisingly comfy and smelt delicious (anyone who has purchase Melissa shoes will know this)! 

S&J-75 S&J-77 S&J-84 theflowers

All the flowers were provided by Kelly and the team at Greycourt Florists. Having worked with Kelly for a few years at work, there was no one else to have do our wedding flowers. We knew we wanted the flowers to be big and colourful, we left Kelly to work her magic on what she did with that rather brief brief and she didn’t disappoint.

S&J-85 S&J-86

THEGROOMWe hired the 3 piece suits for the groom and all the groomsmen from the Ted Baker collection at Moss Bros in a stunning blue! We did however have a waistcoat made for Jamie from made to measure by William Young. This was a little touch of luxury for the groom and something he could keep and wear again after the wedding. He thoroughly enjoyed design process, selecting everything from scratch, and even having personalised detailed such as the wedding date embroidered on the lining of the waistcoat! The groom’s shoes were another little luxury purchased from Jeffery West and he finished the look off with a gold pocket watch from his late grandfather.

S&J-92 S&J-94 S&J-97 S&J-100 S&J-105 S&J-106 S&J-107 S&J-110 S&J-116 thestationery

The Place cards, table plan and various signage were done by Florence at Love Letters Lettering, with handmade directional signage by myself. I was going to tackle all the stationary myself, I like to think I have very good handwriting and so thought it would be a piece of cake. Turns out the stationery is one thing you can’t really do until the last minute due to late rsvps, cancellations ect. So I relinquished some control and the head ache and handed the task over to Florence, who painstakingly hand painted each and every name card, table plan and sign to perfection, I could have never done such an amazing job myself and so glad I made this decision. 

S&J-118 S&J-124 S&J-128 S&J-130 thebridesmaids

I must have ordered several dresses before we finally decided on the dress for the girls. We eventually opted for a beautiful 1940’s style swing dress from Lindy Bop in a gold satin to match my dress detail! Teamed with a fluffy navy petticoat, heals and shawl they looked amazing and compliment my dress perfectly. For my Niece who was the flower girl we purchase a beautiful but plain cream dress from BHS and to add a splash of colour I purchased a floral headband from Claire’s Accessories and sewed these on to the belt as a perfect finishing touch. We teamed it with a fluffy cape and a flower crown and wand she was ready to rock.

S&J-138 S&J-140 S&J-141 S&J-144 S&J-148 S&J-156 S&J-164 favouritemoment

The walk down the aisle to my future husband had to be my favourite moment. I wasn’t sure how I would react, tears, smiles, nervous shakes. But as I arrived to the church and made the walk up to the entrance, I was just so excited I couldn’t wait to enter. I remember just beaming as I walked down the aisle, I don’t remember seeing anyone’s face apart from Jamie’s at the end of the aisle smiling back, it was amazing.

S&J-171 S&J-172 S&J-173 S&J-178 S&J-182 S&J-183 S&J-184 S&J-186 S&J-203 S&J-206 S&J-207 S&J-208 S&J-209 thephotographer

Two-D Photography. Having seen & loved Dan & Sarah’s work previously, when we saw them at a local wedding fair, within 5 minutes of chatting we had booked and paid out deposit and never looked back. I feel the photographer is so important to a wedding, to have those all important photos to reminisce and keep as memories for you and future generations. They made a perfect team, splitting their time in the morning between the groomsmen and bridal party then snapping from all angles throughout the rest of the day to give us truly unbelievable photos of our day.

S&J-216 S&J-218 S&J-220 S&J-226 S&J-227 S&J-260 S&J-267 S&J-269 thedecor

We couldn’t decide on a colour scheme or theme which we both loved enough and didn’t really want the hassle of matching everything so we opted for a Bright and colourful wedding. 

As a family effort we made hundreds of meters of bunting made up of donated clothes and fabric along with hundreds of items I scouted out from charity shops and car boots! We also made mini bunting for the chairs and as well as in and around the venues! I don’t think you can ever have too much bunting! 

I tried to make as much of the decor as I could myself not only to save a few pennies but also to make it a little more personal! From the order of services to handmade confetti I don’t regret the hours put into creating the little touches. 

My favourite piece had to be the table plan which was a joint effort between me and my mother in law. We planted an old crate with some gorgeous colourful plants and positioned the table plan cards on rods to create a perfect planter table plan. It looked beautiful throughout the whole day, and has continued to blossom since as a lovely keepsake.

S&J-270 S&J-272 S&J-273 S&J-274 S&J-275 S&J-276 S&J-277 S&J-278 S&J-280 S&J-285 S&J-294 S&J-304 S&J-321 S&J-322 S&J-323 S&J-324 S&J-325 S&J-326 S&J-327 S&J-328 S&J-332 S&J-333 S&J-334 S&J-335 S&J-336 S&J-337 S&J-338 S&J-339 S&J-340 S&J-342 S&J-343 S&J-344 S&J-345 S&J-347 S&J-348 S&J-349 S&J-350 S&J-351 S&J-352 S&J-372 S&J-373 S&J-384 S&J-385 S&J-387 S&J-404 S&J-405 S&J-406 S&J-408 S&J-409 S&J-410 S&J-411 S&J-412 S&J-413 thefood&drink

Went very traditional in the day with canapés and prosecco during the drinks reception, but with a pimp you prosecco bar, so guests could jazz up their drinks.

We then sat down to a traditional 3 course wedding breakfast, made up of 3 dishes of pure comfort food.

In the evening we wanted to steer clear of the tradition boring beige buffet and instead had savoury and sweet crepes from the amazing lads at Viva la crepe. This was a late addition I added as a surprise for the groom who loves crepes! We were able to spin the first crepe, which was amazing fun and a great alternative to the traditional cake cutting photo! They really did go down a treat with our guests it just a shame we forgot to have one ourselves!

To give a little more choice to our evening guests we also opted for a savoury cheese cake with biscuits and chutneys and of course the delicious cakes as a sweet option to finish off!

S&J-414 S&J-415 S&J-420 S&J-421 S&J-429 S&J-432 S&J-435 S&J-437 S&J-438 S&J-439 S&J-448 S&J-455 S&J-459 S&J-460 THECAKE

While we didn’t have a traditional wedding cake, instead we went to Eve at Cake stand & Crumb and were able to select several of our favourite cakes which she baked fresh and delivered in time to be served at our events reception. We had them displayed on a variety of cake stands, and guests were able to graze on cake throughout the evening. We didn’t miss not having a wedding cake on display or doing a traditional cake cutting like so many said we would, our only regret is not ordering more cake, I don’t know what we were thinking you can never have too much cake at a wedding.

S&J-461 S&J-462 S&J-469 S&J-470 theentertainment

We opted for a local band, End of the Century who was recommended and booked via agent Fire Elephant. We just love a band at a wedding, we think the entertainment can make or break an evening reception, however it can be a big expense, but if you get the right band, it’s definitely worth it. We were definitely lucky with band, they interacted with the crowd and the dance floor was packed from start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for more as we danced the night away.

S&J-473 S&J-474 S&J-475 S&J-476 S&J-477 S&J-478 adviceRemember it’s YOUR day, too many people, including myself, worry far too much about the traditions and expectations and forget that it’s their special day. Don’t feel you have to stick to traditions or worry about what others will think should you stear away from such traditions, plan your day as you want it, family and friends should just appreciate being a part of your day.

Where did you find your inspiration?

Being a weddings manager I get to see weddings all the time and I constantly have my head in a wedding mag, but pintrest had to be my biggest addiction and inspiration. Though you have to remember to keep your feet on the ground, not everything you see on pintrest is feesable in the real world, a lesson I soon learnt!

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