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We’re into our final countdowns now with only 2 weeks on Saturday to go! This time in two weeks I’ll be in Wales staying at my parents caravan close to the venue and sorting all of our foliage and flowers for the wedding day, after a smooth and stress free delivery from Triangle Nursery, hopefully…

Up until now we haven’t had anything really major go wrong yet. I’m still yet to buy any shoes – I just cannot find ‘the ones’ without a 5 figure price tag – and the logistics of getting everything to the venue a 3 hour drive away is a little stressful when I let myself think about it, but other than that, nothing MAJOR…

Until Friday night when I received an email from our hair and make up artist. She had to cancel – cue first major panic.

To be honest I’d like to think I’m not that high maintenance when it comes to my hair and make up. I’m planning on getting a lot done in the run up i.e. tanning bed, whitening teeth, hair dye and cut, HD brows etc. (and I say I’m not high maintenance…ha) and have a simple make up and hair look in mind anyway. Though I will have to make some effort, so on Saturday I decided to take matters into my own hands and took myself off to the Charlotte Tilbury counter at the Trafford Centre branch of Selfridges. I’d googled and searched YouTube earlier in the day for some inspiration or tutorials for wedding make up and came across this one by Charlotte Tilbury. It’s the ‘how to’ for Kate Moss’s wedding make up look and was exactly what I was looking for. So, off I went, armed with a list of what was used in the video, and was given a mini trial by the girls on the counter (see above image – it needs a little work and my eyebrows really need sorting, but you get the idea) and advised on what to get and what I could probably leave due to money constraints (Charlotte Tilbury, though AMAZING, is certainly not cheap!) and I have to say I’m now 110% obsessed with her make up and totally get the hype.

I’d recommend a trip to their counter for any bride to be. I kept the make up on for the rest of the day too to test out the longevity and it seemed to last with no slip on the base which is generally what tends to happen with me. I also practised it on myself a couple of times over the weekend with the help of the tutorial and am still happy with it. I also practised a couple of hair up-do’s myself and, though I’d prefer a hair stylist to do it, I think I’m pretty confident in cobbling something together so I’m not too worried (see image below for something similar to what I have in mind).

Aside from the hair and beauty dramas, I’ve been making signs for around the venue. My sister made some wooden signs from an old crate for my hen party so I decided to recycle them by painting over with a dark blue colour and writing over it in white. I’ve been hand stamping some tags for various things, buying the last of the wedding party presents and hunting high and low for some shoes. Mike and I took a trip to Jo Malone a couple of weekends ago to find my wedding day scent and I’ve gone with the wood sage and sea salt. I also have another dress fitting on Saturday too, I had thought it would be ready a couple of weeks ago but there were still a few more tweaks to do on it. Not sure if it will be ready or not this time but I’m excited to find out.

Next weeks update will be just a week and two days away from our I do’s, eek!



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