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This post has definitely been a long time coming, but I’m so pleased to finally share with you our beautiful wedding stationery.

If you’ve been following my posts from the start, you’ll know that our invitations were designed by our lovely friend Carina, who hand-painted everything from the flowers to the super cute map that doesn’t really have much purpose apart from looking pretty.
Just look at that! She drew the boat, rob’s racing car (as our venue is near the race track), and other little landmarks in the area.
We wanted our invitations to be completely bespoke and to give our guests an indication of what our wedding will be like on the day. We don’t have a “theme” as such, but as our venue is a farmhouse, it’s super relaxed and laid back, and will be filled with Autumnal colours, which is what we wanted to capture with the stationary.
Carina was so great with us, as it only took one meeting of sharing Pinterest boards for her to get a complete understanding of what we wanted. We just left her to it and she came up with the most perfect designs. The only thing we changed a little was the font for the main part of the text.
I’ve been nagging at her to start up her own website or Instagram page but she hasn’t got one as of yet, so if anyone reads this and wants to hire her to design their own invitations, drop me an email – olivia@soyouregettingmarried.com – and I’ll be sure to put you in touch. I can highly recommend her! She’s one of the most creative people I know, so I’m certain she’ll capture exactly what you want for a super reasonable price.
One thing we struggled with was the wording. A lot of invitations are sent out from the Bride’s parents point-of-view, i.e. “Mr and Mrs Slack invite you to the wedding of their daughter…” which I really didn’t like. I could sort of understand if our parents were paying for the whole thing, but to be honest, the cost has been split pretty much three ways by them, us, and Rob’s parents, so it didn’t seem right for things to be worded that way.
Carina is in the process of designing our table plan, place names, menu’s and table names, so I’ll definitely share those with you once we have them!
I really can’t believe how quickly everything is coming around! We’ve had our final details meeting with the venue and we also took our florist along so that she could get an idea of what we wanted. I’ve put complete trust in her and basically given her free reins to do whatever she wants. Luckily we’re both on the same wavelength so I’m not too worried about what our flowers turn out like!
Did you all catch up with Holly’s Hen Party post last week? It looks like she had an amazing time and it made me even more excited for my own, which is at the start of October, so I don’t have much longer to wait! Everyone’s doing such a good job about keeping things secret, so I can’t wait to see what they have planned for me…

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