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Newton Hall Wedding-253

Afternoon! We have a very pretty Newton Hall wedding on the blog today, with a dusty blue, pink and gold theme. Ashlea and David were inspired by a vintage English theme and added in their personalities to the day. Ashlea put in a few Canadian twists and also embraced David’s British heritage. A favourite part of my job is seeing how couples make their wedding day unique, and I rarely see identical dresses, decor etc. Ashlea and David didn’t have a honeymoon because they are going to be having a second wedding in Canada. The dream hey?!

photography | Danny Birrell Photography

Newton Hall Wedding-2 Newton Hall Wedding-3 Newton Hall Wedding-4 Newton Hall Wedding-5 thevenue

Newton Hall, Northumberland

Newton Hall Wedding-19 Newton Hall Wedding-20 Newton Hall Wedding-33 thehair&makeup

Hair – Victoria Adler

Makeup – Amy Robson Harbottle

Newton Hall Wedding-34 Newton Hall Wedding-38 Newton Hall Wedding-39 THEGROOM

My partner wore a tonic blue suit from Greenwoods with a waistcoat, gold rouche and brown brogues. He wanted to choose something that would stand out but to be vintage but modern at the same time.

Groomsmens outfits/accessories: Groomsmen wore the same suit as David (Groom) but with gold bowties

Newton Hall Wedding-40 Newton Hall Wedding-42 Newton Hall Wedding-63 Newton Hall Wedding-68 theflowers

My bouquet was made of a mixture of greenery and handmade paper flowers that my mom and myself created, from peonies to ranunculus and a variety of roses. We took our stems to Wendy at Thanks A Bunch in Hebburn and she was able to create the bouquet of my dreams with real greenery.

Newton Hall Wedding-69 Newton Hall Wedding-71 thebride

I chose a fitted aline dress that was lace over silk and a bolero to create the illusion of sleeves. My “dress requirements list” was lace, sleeves and buttons because I liked that vintage modern feel. It was hard to find something with sleeves in Canada because strapless is the trend with the summer months being so hot. I chose my dress because I fell in love with the scalloped lace detail around the bottom. It was so different from everything else I tried on. The shop fitted me with a lace bolero that blended in with the dress to give me an off the shoulder 3/4 sleeve which gave the dress a more classic romantic look.

Newton Hall Wedding-74 Newton Hall Wedding-75 Newton Hall Wedding-76 Newton Hall Wedding-78 Newton Hall Wedding-79 Newton Hall Wedding-84 Newton Hall Wedding-85 theperfume

Dolce & Gabbana 3. L’Imperatrice

Newton Hall Wedding-93 Newton Hall Wedding-95 Newton Hall Wedding-98 thebridesmaids

The bridesmaids wore a floor length strapless dress from Superior Bridal in Canada.

Newton Hall Wedding-99 Newton Hall Wedding-100 Newton Hall Wedding-101 thestationery

The programs, menus, and seating chart were designed and made between myself and my maid of honour, with hand-painted floral designs.

Newton Hall Wedding-102 Newton Hall Wedding-103 Newton Hall Wedding-109 Newton Hall Wedding-110 Newton Hall Wedding-113 Newton Hall Wedding-114 Newton Hall Wedding-117 Newton Hall Wedding-118 Newton Hall Wedding-120 Newton Hall Wedding-121 Newton Hall Wedding-126 Newton Hall Wedding-128 Newton Hall Wedding-129 Newton Hall Wedding-130 Newton Hall Wedding-131 Newton Hall Wedding-132 Newton Hall Wedding-133 favouritemoment

My favourite part was definitely the ceremony. I think after waiting for two years, living apart for most of it, and vigorously planning for the past 13 months, to have it all come together and see Dave standing there was just so overwhelming. At the end to walk down the aisle with everyone throwing confetti was just amazing and felt like I was in a fairytale. The whole moment was just perfect.

Newton Hall Wedding-144 Newton Hall Wedding-153 Newton Hall Wedding-154 Newton Hall Wedding-155 Newton Hall Wedding-157 Newton Hall Wedding-161 Newton Hall Wedding-166 Newton Hall Wedding-167 Newton Hall Wedding-170 Newton Hall Wedding-173 Newton Hall Wedding-174 Newton Hall Wedding-176 Newton Hall Wedding-177 Newton Hall Wedding-178 Newton Hall Wedding-179 Newton Hall Wedding-180 Newton Hall Wedding-181 Newton Hall Wedding-182 Newton Hall Wedding-184 Newton Hall Wedding-185 Newton Hall Wedding-187 Newton Hall Wedding-190 Newton Hall Wedding-191 Newton Hall Wedding-192 THECAKE

We chose a two tiered sponge cake with chocolate filling in one layer, and jam in the other, decorated with buttercream and fondant and accented with beautiful sugar roses that went with our colour scheme. We also had a selection of different flavoured cupcakes also topped with sugar roses. Tracey Hunter from Tracey’s Cakes in Hebburn did a beautiful job in creating exactly what we had in mind.

Newton Hall Wedding-194 Newton Hall Wedding-196 thedecor

I’m an artist by trade and when we began planning our wedding I was really inspired by vintage English look but I think as time went on it began to evolve into something a little more personal, mixing vintage with whimsical and a little bit of floral. I also took into consideration the look of the hall itself and pick things that would compliment it. Our colour scheme was dusty blue, gold, pastel pale pink, and ivory. I started with the colour of my dress which was ivory over light gold, and my bridesmaids dresses which were dusty blue and then used a third colour, the pink, that I knew would compliment them both. From there I used the colours in the little details like the bunting, flowers, and the cake

Newton Hall Wedding-197 Newton Hall Wedding-198 thefavours

We tried to do a unique personal twist on our favours by combining our nationalities. I bought small muslin bags, and filled them with a maple sugar candy from home, and a brewing bag of Dave’s favourite walnut green tea. We went with the idea of something sweet from her and something nutty from him.

Newton Hall Wedding-199 Newton Hall Wedding-201 Newton Hall Wedding-202 Newton Hall Wedding-203 Newton Hall Wedding-205 Newton Hall Wedding-220 Newton Hall Wedding-231 Newton Hall Wedding-246 Newton Hall Wedding-252 Newton Hall Wedding-253 Newton Hall Wedding-254 Newton Hall Wedding-265 Newton Hall Wedding-267 Newton Hall Wedding-268 Newton Hall Wedding-274 Newton Hall Wedding-275 Newton Hall Wedding-276 Newton Hall Wedding-277 Newton Hall Wedding-284 Newton Hall Wedding-286advice

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I really mulled over the little details which often ended in frustration. I forgot something or things weren’t working the way I had hoped to, even having accidents like a bottle of glue exploding in a suitcase full of decorations. But when it came to the day and seeing everything come together, and then the most important part of walking down that aisle to the person you love, none of that other stuff seemed to matter and I thought to myself why I stressed over it in the first place.

Also, a lot of the time there is a stigma that the groom isn’t really involved in the planning process, but I don’t think it has to be that way. I don’t think our day would have been as special and successful if it wasn’t for Dave. He had to do a lot of the meetings on his own and organize things that I wasn’t able to. We worked as a team and a lot of people were surprised to find out when he was enjoying it. I think it was a great bonding experience and he felt just as proud as I did when everything came together in the end.

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