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So after the launch of Double Wear Makeup To Go last year, Estee Lauder climbs aboard the “cushion” foundation wagon to add Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Foundation to it’s foundation arsenal ~hailed as a “Liquid Makeup + Pro Tool in one”, this has an attached applicator to help you with application and to control the quantity you apply. If you find are looking for a lighter alternative to best selling Double Wear too, read on – this is DW’s more natural new sister.

What are the claims?

A totally different formula to DW, this is “skin-loving, weightless and comfortable” and as well as “instantly hydrating”. Wear is described as 8 hours ( significantly less than bullet-proof DW, but that’s always to be expected with any lighter coverage foundation). 20 shades are available, and it boasts a “radiant glow” to it’s finish. The tool is kind of the gimmick here – the stick format is twisted to release product, with one twist being one full application. The instructions then state to touch on to the skin, buff across the face, and blend using the light strokes with the attached sponge. So to summise ~

~ Coverage ~ light – medium buildable

~ Second skin feel, natural look

~ Detachable Sponge Applicator (can be cleaned)

~ Radiant finish

~ 8 Hour wear

~ Skincare benefits

Before And Afters ~


How did it fare?

Generally – pretty good. Did it change my life? No. It’s a perfectly acceptable natural looking foundation which covers plenty of middle ground for me – it’s not particularly glowy, nor matte – not particularly full coverage, nor light. It lasts well, but not exceptionally so, and it feels creamy, but not greasy or super thin like some other second skin style foundations.

The sponge applicator is personally not my bag – I’ve tried plenty of applicators in the past but I’ll be a brush girl till my dying day, so I applied this with my usual flat topped buffing brush. It’s also small, so it takes ages to blend across your whole face. That’s not to say it isn’t a good idea, and a good quality applicator, so definitely worth a try for those of you who love Beauty Blenders. I used slightly more than the recommended application, as I do prefer a reasonably seamless coverage. I have to say I go through phases with original Double Wear – at times I love it and I don’t want to put anything else on my face ever, and at other times I feel it leaves me looking lackluster and my skin older than it actually is. Having said that, the staying power is unrivaled and Nude Cushion Stick doesn’t really touch that. I tried it with silica based primer for one day, and then a day with just a moisturiser underneath, and it wore and looked better without the primer – there was a tiny bit of creasing right at the end of the day in my smile lines with primer, but perhaps silica gives more slip than is necessary for this formula.


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I think this ticks boxes for those who have maybe found Double Wear to be too heavy or aging, Great too if you want to wardrobe your foundation, keeping their DW for days they feel they need it and this for “good skin” days. A plus for travel too, as everything you need is right there is one handy stick. You could potentially use this too to touch up your foundation on the go (should you be so inclined).

The draw backs? I cannot pretend that this doesn’t smell terrible, because it is all kinds of stinky. There isn’t actually much product here for the price (14ml), hence the sparing product distribution in the twist release mechanism to theoretically stop overapplication.  And whilst the sponge is detachable for cleaning, I just know a lot of people would rarely get round to it, rendering it potentially slightly unhygienic, but other than that, I’d say it’s a good base for someone looking for an easy, moderately natural looking foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup is available now and is £28.

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Nathalie Gusone //

Hi Emily,

Very nice product from LAUDER….I love this brand but what about ingredients ? Can you add here or send me pics of their ingredient list please ?