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Good morning! Oh my, this wedding. Cherry blossom heaven! When Rosie and Dan’s day landed in my inbox it ticked everything I look for in a wedding. Happy faces, lots of flowers, pretty images and cute personal details.

photography | Cat Lane

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__0958__J4B3920 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__0958__J4B3925 theflowers

Family member – Kath Raper

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1002__J4B3942 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1007__J4B3965 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1015__J4B4011 thebride

Dress designer: Naomi Neoh. Design- Chloe (I managed to get it half price in a sample sale!).

Bolero made by BOA boutique, London.

Dress bought from BOA boutique, London.

All alterations by BOA boutique, London. (Amazing shop with really lovely sales assistants).

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1021__J4B4072 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1025__J4B4094 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1036__38A2669 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1043__J4B4160 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1044__38A2728 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1048__38A2812 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1055__J4B4203 thebridesmaids

Dresses: Etsy shop- RenzRags, all hand made to order and fitted brilliantly by a seamstress and her team in America – and a bargain at £60 a dress.

Shoes from ASOS.

Earrings from River Island.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1101__J4B4229 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1102__J4B4245 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1104__J4B4277 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1108__38A2933 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1109__J4B4315 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1110__J4B4325 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1110__J4B4332 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1112__J4B4361 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1113__J4B4375 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1113__J4B4385 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1113__J4B4398 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1118__J4B4456 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1120__J4B4479 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1124__38A2990 THEGROOM

Suit- Next (Dan wears a suit to work everyday so wanted something a little different and I love anything tweed so that’s what we went with!)

Tie- Marks & Spencer.

Shoes- Linea (House of Fraser).

Groomsmen –

Suits- Next.

Tie- Marks and Spencer.

Page boys- Outfits – Monsoon Kids

Page boy shoes – Mothercare.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1200__38A3175 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1204__J4B4656 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1206__J4B4672 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1207__38A3236 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1207__J4B4688 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1208__J4B4725 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1208__J4B4730 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1209__J4B4743 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1211__38A3299 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1211__J4B4784 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1213__J4B4812 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1216__38A3316 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1218__J4B4857 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1221__J4B4872 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1222__J4B4883 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1223__J4B4902 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1223__J4B4905 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1224__J4B4908 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1230__J4B4940 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1231__J4B4945 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1235__J4B4969 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1243__38A3413 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1243__J4B5062 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1249__J4B5116 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1254__J4B5164 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1255__J4B5170 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1304__38A3454 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1313__38A3548 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1313__J4B5305 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1313__J4B5326 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1329__J4B5438 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1329__J4B5446 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1329__J4B5453 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1330__J4B5482 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1332__J4B5506 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1332__J4B5525 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1336__J4B5541 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1336__J4B5547 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1337__J4B5562 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1340__J4B5637 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1340__J4B5652 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1346__J4B5738 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1347__J4B5760 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1349__J4B5778 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1353__J4B5848 favouritemoment

We both share the same two favourite moments:

-The hour after the ceremony when everyone made their way to the reception and we had photos in the park alone with the photographer- a moment to breathe!

– At the end of the evening do the band played Don’t Look Back In Anger and the wedding guests serenaded us very enthusiastically just before we left.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1353__J4B5855 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1354__J4B5870 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1431__38A3738 thedecor

Home made with a retro family feel. For example the place names were our favourite Tunnock’s Tea Cakes with a paper flag stuck in the top with the name on.

‘Table numbers’ were actually names of places we have visited. The seating plan had photos of us in those places in the background. The top table was Nimes were we got engaged.

The table decorations were jars that had been collected by various family members and friends. These were then filled with flowers bought on the day before the wedding from the market by the bride and mismatch cut up and arranged.- this sounds stressful but it was actually a really relaxing thing to do with the bridesmaids.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1442__J4B5966 thefavours

One of our most personal touches- charity favours. A pin badge from Motor Neurone Disease Association (chosen by the groom as his Grandfather sadly passed away due to this illness when he was young), and a flower with a business card from Reflect Pregnancy Support – York (a charity close to the bride’s heart as she is a midwife and also has a very relevant family history.)

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1443__J4B5969 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1444__J4B5976 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1445__J4B5985 thestationery

Home made –  Using old stamps from a 1900 printing press, bought from Covent Garden market. Used with ink and embossing powder in copper.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1445__J4B5988 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1446__J4B5997 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1524__J4B6307 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1526__J4B6346 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1707__J4B6373 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1741__38A4679 THECAKE

Home made cheesecakes. Top tier- Mango and raspberry .Middle tier- chocolate orange. Bottom tier- Rose and Cardamom. (the top tier actually fell apart and the master of ceremonies from the venue saved the day by sourcing us a new top tier!)

Traditional fruit cake by mother of the bride.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1741__J4B6383 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1755__38A4402 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1803__J4B6586 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1804__J4B6599 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1814__38A4564 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1817__J4B6706 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1841__J4B6864 thehoneymoon

A special touch by the groom- it was all organized as a surprise for the bride. A week in the beautiful Lake Como followed by a week in Paphos, Cyprus. Amazing week.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1917__J4B6982 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1955__38A4781 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1956__38A4805 theentertainment

Self made playlist. Band – Jonny and the Dunebugs, York, an amazing covers band who perform a mixture of 60s/70s classics and modern hits. They had everybody up dancing and made the evening so much fun.

cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1957__J4B7120 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__1958__J4B7122 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__2000__J4B7164 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__2022__38A4855 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__2022__J4B7282 cat-lane-weddings__rosie-dan__2030__J4B7310advice

Get your venue booked in good time and everything else will follow.

Making stuff yourself isn’t difficult it’s just time consuming. Ultimately it adds a bit of you to the day and people appreciate it (the groom did find this an added stress, the bride needed this to feel in control).

Delegate some jobs which you are happy to relax the reins on as this takes it off your plate but also involves family members/friends more.

Once you’re at the rehearsal or drinks the night before the wedding- just relax as there’s nothing more you can do and you need to just enjoy the evening and de-stress.

Where did you find your inspiration:

Pinterest!!! Even the groom had a colour palette pinned.

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