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I have a friend planning a festival wedding for next year and she has just decided on a silent disco tent. At first I kinda thought, “whats the point if everyone can’t hear the music”. She said it was some of the most fun she had a Reading a few years ago. There are a few reasons why you might want a silent disco as part of your wedding celebrations. I got in touch with Silent Disco Direct to explain further…10301185_10152039139992434_8714287380589353029_n

I know when I was planning I kept finding a lot of rules and regs regarding hiring venues. One of the most consistent ones were no noise after a certain time, even if you can have the venue for another couple of hours and some rooms in country houses don’t let you have amplifiers and other sound equipment. A silent disco helps get around all the rules as there is no noise to complain about, and nothing to be amplified.


If you are having a silent disco in addition to other music then a fun suggestion is that you have a music battle. If it were us, Miller’s playlist would consist of Enya, Jack Garratt and Jimmy Eat World. Mine, 80s nostalgia and dubstep. I think we know who would win that battle. It adds an extra element of fun to your day, especially if you are a music obsessed couple. Everyone can join in.

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It is all really easy to set up, you can read more on the website here. Weddings are all about seeing friends and family members you’ve not spoken to in years. When you take off the headset you can retain a conversation at a normal decibel without having to shout over music whilst laughing at those still dancing around to Pat Benatar.

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I love the idea, to see more please visit Silent Disco Direct. Let me know if you end up getting one. If you want playlist suggestions I can put you in touch with Miller…

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