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A pretty wedding with a non-wedding type theme today. Katy and Omaran wanted their day to look smart and elegant without looking too wedding-y. They threw several traditions out of the window (why not!). Katy was 13 weeks pregnant, wasn’t given away, and didn’t carry flowers (instead she ended up carrying her toddler) and looked every inch the beautiful bride, no cake, no bridesmaids. I really enjoyed putting this wedding together and reading about their day.

photography | Purple Pear Tree Photography 

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-556 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-562 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-559 theflowers

I knew carrying a bouquet would be out of the question as I knew my (then) 2 year old would refuse to walk in with me holding hands carrying his ‘Daddy…here comes Mummy’ sign as I’d envisaged and he would need carrying. I was right! He’s much cuter than flowers anyway!

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-569 thedecor

I just wanted the decor to look smart/classy/non-wedding-like! Loved my big light-up LOVE sign!

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-566 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-564 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-578 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-577 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-576 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-574 thestationery

Designed by us.

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-573 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-599 thevenue

Ceremony at Hylands House, followed by reception at The Dog & Gun, both in Chelmsford.

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-594 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-590 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-582 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-580 thefood&drink

The Dog & Gun

Wedding favours: None. We had a sweet-treat table for guests to help themselves to, old school sweetie favourites. Also, I did an Easter egg hunt for all of our little people guests as our wedding fell on Easter weekend.

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-605 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-604 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-602 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-616 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-611 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-607 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-626 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-625 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-622 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-619 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-691 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-677 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-673 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-665 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-642 thebride

Dress was ‘Dakota’ by Enzoani. Purchased at Bellissima Weddings in South Woodham Ferrers and lovingly altered in-house to accommodate a fast growing baby bump! 

Hair by This Girl Called Tina – Tina Emmet                

Makeup by Emma Morris

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-798 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-777 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-714 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-698 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-694 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-944 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-877 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-867 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-819 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-815 THEGROOM

Hugo Boss

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1093 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1085 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1081 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1075 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1071 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1063 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1048 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1040 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1038Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-991Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-997 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-987 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-951 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1196 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1181 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1161 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1144 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1122 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1120 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1118 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1115 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1110 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1099 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1231 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1221 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1220 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1210 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1202 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1296 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1287 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1281 theentertainment

All our day guests helped us put together a playlist of all their favourite love songs, this was played throughout the day. A friend DJ’d at the evening reception; an old school house music playlist, reminiscent of all our younger going-out days…it was fab! First dance was ‘Love Hangover’ by Diana Ross.

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1280 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1273 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1258 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1250 thehoneymoon

We still haven’t had one as I was pregnant at the time we got married and wanted to honeymoon not pregnant! Honeymoon TBC! It will happen, but probably with both our boys in tow! 

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1249 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1244 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1236 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1362 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1350 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1349 favouritemoment

Walking into the room at Hylands House carrying Milo with our other little one, Louis ever present in my tummy, as I was 13-weeks pregnant at the time. For some of our guests, this was the first they knew of us expecting another baby. It was really important to me that Milo and I walked in together, I didn’t feel the need to be ‘given away’, the day was about us being a family. My dad sat alongside my mum, and it was a very special moment seeing them and of course my handsome husband-to-be!

Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1341 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1336 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1324 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1423 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1405 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1400 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1372 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1369 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1365 Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-1364advice

Don’t stress! 

Where did you find your inspiration? : I really knew what I liked and what I didn’t and because Omaran and I planned it ourselves, it was exactly what we wanted. We just wanted an intimate celebration with close family and friends then a big party to follow!

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