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Hi guys – long time, no speak! I landed back in the UK yesterday after a week-long trip to Southern Italy for my cousins wedding. My cousin and his bride had their ceremony at the Cloisters in Sorrento with an amazing reception a short ride away at a private house with balcony overlooking the sea. The weather was blue skies and sunny and the whole day was really amazing. I’ve included a few pictures I took whilst out there in this post.

A couple of days after the wedding (we needed time to recuperate – leaving a karaoke bar at 3am post-wedding will do that to you!), we headed to the Amalfi Coast where we stayed in Positano and travelled up and down the coast to Amalfi.

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Now back in the UK and the weather is almost hotter than Italy – first time for everything! We landed at around 2pm yesterday giving us chance to go and get Maxxy dog from Mikes sister who had been looking after him for the week, and head home to sort out the usual unpacking and washing. I also had a distinct realisation that our own wedding is now a mere 8 weeks away…cue first panic. I’ve been subconsciously waiting for the holiday to come and go before thinking about our own wedding properly, and now that’s out of the way I’ve realised 8 weeks is really not long.

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I have all of the main bits booked (photographer, videographer etc.) but feel like we have loads more to do when it comes to the details – decor, wedding party gifts, flowers, stationary, playlists etc. I also want to do some toning up before the big day – is 8 weeks enough time?! Our hen and stag parties are in a couple of weeks (which I’m too excited for words for!) and packing for our mini moon to Ibiza is also on the to-do list, so wish us luck. It’s full steam ahead now.


OH, and! I have my final dress fitting this Saturday and if I want to, I can take it home with me! My instincts tell me to leave it with the designer (I’m SO clumsy) until nearer the time but I know my mum’s keen for me to take it back to hers, and I’m easily persuaded!

Speak soon, Holly x

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