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During the last couple of weeks, the wedding excitement has really started to set in.

Ever since we gave our notice of marriage, and received our vows through the post, it’s all started to feel a little bit more official, and now I’m just itching for the Big Day to arrive!

We’ve also been handing out invitations to our guests as and when we see them (saving on postage and all of that jazz – stamps are EXPENSIVE!), and I’m going to post the rest out this weekend. I was just so excited for our guests to receive them and see how much effort our lovely designer Carina put into them. I know I’ve said this before, but she hand-painted really fine details on to make them as personal to us as possible.

I can’t say it’s been without its downsides – I wasn’t sure whether to include this in my blog as I know family have been reading, but the whole point of me being a SYGM bride is to document my wedding planning process – flaws and all.

I’ve had complaints in regards to who I’d chosen to invite (or not invite), which upset me a lot. I think I was so caught up in the excitement of handing them out, I forgot that, actually, you can’t please everyone and you can guarantee someone will have something to complain about. With a long, tear-induced email chat with my sister – who faced similar problems when she got married herself – I realised that life’s far too short and I just want everyone to be happy, and throw a bloomin’ good party.


In other news, I received FLOWERS to my desk at work today, from my wonderful husband-to-be who is away working in France at the moment. He’s not really your traditional romantic so you can imagine my surprise when they turned up! It’s nice to have these little reminders that amongst wedding planning, and getting caught up in the charade of it all, the only thing that really matters is that you’re marrying the love of your life.

(Sorry for the sap…)

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