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Erine PDCYou know what we are in need of this morning? Diamonds. Who doesn’t want diamonds. We have teamed up with Private Diamond Club to tell you a little bit about how rose gold is made, and have look at a few rings from their collection. They have lots of pretty rings for you to book mark and send as hints (we all do it). We will be back this afternoon with some more beautiful wedding inspiration. Have a lovely morning!

Traditionally we’re either gold or white gold people. Open any jewellery box and it won’t take long to decipher if the owner is the former or the latter; we’re usually pretty loyal when it comes to the colour of gold we choose for our earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and (most importantly) our rings.

Yet, just like we’re awakening to the fact that there are now three colours of wine (white, red and rosé), more and more of us jewellery lovers are turning to the pretty style that pink gold jewellery affords. Like pink wine, pink gold jewellery is fun, refreshing and oh so feminine. A unique choice for the setting of your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring, with pink gold you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

So how do you make gold pink? By blending gold, silver and copper. For 18K pink gold, the alloy (blend) is 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver. The result is a delicate colour that reminds us of our favourite celebratory drink, fine pink champagne.

This dreamy hue is not a new creation, however, and was the setting of choice for elegant Russian ladies during the 19th century, earning it the nickname Russian gold. Browse the listings of auction houses today and you’ll find beautiful antique pieces from Russia during this era that are set in pink gold. But you don’t have to shop at auction for the pink gold piece of your dreams, in fact any reputable jeweller will today offer three options when it comes to selecting the perfect setting for your engagement or wedding ring: Gold, white gold and pink gold.

If your heart is set on a show-stopping princess cut diamond engagement ring, pink gold offers a distinct twist to a classic style. Or, perhaps you’re after a more individual and unique ring to symbolise your love or as a dazzling accessory to brighten up a cocktail outfit? Pink gold adds a touch of glamour for all occasions. We love the following pieces of pink gold jewellery from online diamond boutique Private Diamond Club.

Hortensia PDCHortensia is a crown pave diamond ring that will add more than a touch of glamour to your wardrobe. With a 2ct round diamond at its core and a finely paved crown of 195 diamonds (for a total of 2ct as well), this is the ultimate show-stopping diamond ring. The pink gold setting weighs 13g.Berberis PDC 

Bérberis is an elegant and sophisticated princess cut diamond engagement ring with a pink gold setting weighing 4.7g. This ring can be set with a diamond of your choice, weighing from 0.20ct to 0.75ct.

Erine PDC

The ultimate fashion accessory, Erine is a unique and intricate lace ring of paved diamonds, 0.90ct in total. The pink gold setting weighs 9.5g.

Thank you to Private Diamond Club for this post. Always a pleasure working with small independent businesses with a passion for what they do. 

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