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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Morning and a very merry Monday to you lovely reader. I *met* Chloe online about 3 years ago and fell a little in love with her, her personality and (mainly) her pugs. I love that Chloe and Jonathan added a little pug love in to their wedding, in amongst all the colour, DIY and personal touches. Chloe’s hair is absolute goals with that pretty braid and gorgeous hair clip. You can tell their day was filled with love and happiness and I am so honoured to be able to share their glorious wedding on the blog. I wish you both (and the pugs) a long and happy life together.

photography | Clare Robinson

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-2 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-3 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-4 theflowers

Tineke Floral Designs –We had a mixture of colours, sizes and textures including Peonies, Roses, Anemones and Billy Buttons as I wanted our flowers to be colourful and modern.

(After the wedding I actually sent a selection of my bouquet flowers to The Flower Preservation Workshop who have freeze-dried them and made them into a beautiful paperweight so I can keep them forever!)

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-5 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-6 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-7 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-8 thehair&makeup

Hair by Vicki from VM Hairdressing and make-up by Claire Elizabeth Makeup – both ladies were fantastic on the day!

The perfume – Bvlgari Ominia Indian Garnet – I hadn’t worn this before so now it reminds me of our wedding day whenever I put it on!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-9 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-10 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-11 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-12 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-13 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-14 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-15 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-16 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-17 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-18 thebride

My dress was by designer Justin Alexander, bought from Beautiful Brides in Nottingham, I found dress shopping much harder than I’d expected as dresses look so different on the hanger than when you put them on! My dress wasn’t what I expected to end up with but it was the only one which gave me ‘the feeling’ and I loved wearing it on the day!

Being fairly tall I knew I’d have trouble finding some comfortable, low-heeled but still pretty shoes for the wedding. Luckily I stumbled across a website called www.shoesofprey.com where you can design your own shoes which is incredible!

A word of warning though you will lose hours on this website, it’s so addictive and there are so many options that it may also end up an expensive new hobby 😉

I would highly recommend them for brides though as I was so happy with mine and they were really comfortable on the day, they also offer a 365 day re-make if they don’t fit right so just make sure you order them with plenty of time in case you need to do this.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – My gorgeous hair accessory was from www.libertyinlove.co.uk, I spotted it on an American wedding blog years ago and couldn’t find anything I liked more! My veil I bought with my dress from Beautiful Brides.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-19 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-20 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-21 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-22 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-23 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-24 THEGROOM

Healy Menswear in Crowthorne – Jonathan wanted something different and the tweed suit really suits his personality, plus he’s worn the jacket several times already since the wedding – option to either hire or buy!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-25 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-26 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-27 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-30 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-31 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-32 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-33 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-34 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-36 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-37 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-38 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-39 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-40 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-41 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-42 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-43 thevenue

A tiny little church called St.Augustine’s next door to where my parents live in a little village in North Nottinghamshire. Our reception was at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel in Southwell.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-44 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-45 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-46 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-47 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-48 thedecor

We didn’t have a theme as such but wanted the wedding to be fun, colourful and personal.

We have two little pugs called Alfie and Lily so we bought little plastic pug figurines from ebay and spray-painted them for the place settings, (they had little name tags tied around their necks).

We also had DIY favours, a hand-lettered table plan, hand-painted signs and a DIY photo booth to bring everything together.

Our confetti was from Natural Favours who I highly recommend if your venue ask you to stick to biodegradable confetti!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-49 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-50 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-51 THECAKE

We loved our cakes by Yummy Little Cakes – they were delicious! We had one chocolate & cherry cake, one sticky toffee pudding cake and the bigger one had a lemon top tier then Victoria sponge for the bottom tier.

Nat did a fantastic job finishing them off with fresh flowers, our laser cut cake topper and a pair of pugs we bought from Ebay and spray painted!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-52 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-53 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-54 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-55 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-56 thefavours

Our wedding favours were hand-painted bird houses for each family. I bought the little wooden houses from Hobbycraft then we decorated them whilst the boys were away on the stag do.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-57 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-58 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-59 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-60 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-61 thestationery

I designed our invites and order of service then had them printed via www.printed.com. Not only did it save some pennies but it also allowed us to make them more personal and add in some fun touches like an introduction to our wedding party in the order of service. We included a little photo of each person with some quirky facts to help everyone get to know them!

We also had the wonderful Polly and Me to hand letter our table plan, table names and place cards.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-62 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-63 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-64 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-65 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-66 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-67 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-68 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-69 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-70 thephotographer

Clare Robinson Photography – we also had Tom from Silk Wedding Films as our videographer. Both were incredible and we all got on so well, it was so nice to have the banter flowing with them all day as you actually spend more time with your photographer & videographer on the day than you do anyone else!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-71 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-72 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-73 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-74 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-75 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-76 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-77 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-78 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-79 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-80 thebridesmaids

Both our adult bridesmaids (my two sisters and oldest friend) and our two younger bridesmaids (my husband’s nieces) wore Dessy dresses which we bought from The White Room in Southwell.

They wore their own shoes and jewellery as I wanted them all to feel as comfortable and happy with their own look as possible. We also added fresh flowers to their hair which looked lovely.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-81 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-82 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-84 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-87 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-88 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-89 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-90 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-91 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-92 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-93 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-94 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-95 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-96 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-97 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-98 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-99 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-100 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-101 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-102 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-103 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-104 thefood&drink

All of our catering was done via The Old Vicarage as part of our wedding package and it was incredible. We had canapés on arrival, ham and smoked chicken terrine to start, roast blade of beef for the main course and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Later in the evening we also had pulled pork rolls and skinny fries which were just the ticket! In fact, a lot of our guests commented that it was the best wedding food they’d ever had!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-105 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-106 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-107 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-108 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-114 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-115 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-116 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-117 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-118 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-119 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-120 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-121 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-122 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-123 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-124 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-125 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-126 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-127 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-128 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-129 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-130 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-131 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-132 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-133 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-134 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-135 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-136 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-137 favouritemoment

Aside from actually getting married of course I’d have to say coming inside after having our couple portraits taken to find all of our guests singing at the top of their lungs, clapping, tapping their feet and dancing to the mariachi band!

There was so much laughter, happiness and love in one room and it made it feel very special to have our family and friends together and enjoying themselves so much.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-138 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-139 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-140 theentertainment

We had a mariachi band called The Burrito Boys via Warble Entertainment to play a set as our guests arrived at the reception venue and then again after dinner as our evening guests were arriving, to get the party started. They were a stroke of genius! Everyone loved them and it set such a funny, happy, party atmosphere. I’m pretty sure our wedding will be remembered in future years as the ‘one with the mariachi band’ as they went down so well! We also hired Dean the caricaturist via Warble too who gave a lot of guests their own picture reminder of the day.

Our DJ was Your Dooz and they took over from the band for an evening of dance offs and cheesy singing.

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-141 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-142 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-143 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-144 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-145 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-146 thehoneymoon

We had a mini-moon at Dormy House in the Cotswolds the week after the wedding and we’re still planning what to do for our main honeymoon now!

ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-147 ClareRobinsonPhotography_WilsonWedding-151advice

Every couple will be different but we really tried to think about how we could make every part of the day more personal to us. We didn’t just do things because we ought to, but because we wanted too.

We also thought about how we could use some of our decorations at home after the wedding. For example, I designed our table plan with how it would look on our kitchen wall afterwards in mind!

My final tip would be to have at least a couple of nights at home after the wedding before you go away on your honeymoon. We had one night but both wished we’d had 2-3 to recover, come back down to earth and get a little bit of normality back before we went away as the first 2 days of our mini-moon we were both in a bit of a daze!

Where did you find your inspiration? We’ve been to lots of weddings in the past few years so we talked about which ones we’d liked best and why as our starting point. I also used Pinterest to collect ideas and where possible we took the things we love from daily life (like our two pugs!) and tried to incorporate them into the day to make it as personal and individual to us as a couple as possible. SYGM was the only wedding blog I read throughout our wedding planning! I really enjoyed Rebecca’s reviews of UK honeymoon destinations too as we were looking for inspiration there – finding UK hotels that felt right for our min-moon was particularly difficult!


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