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So we’ve had pretty much all of our RSVPS back now, and everyone (bar 1 person) said yes! Which is great…but also OHMYGOD I did not plan for EVERYONE to RSVP with a yes and now we’re over capacity. The chapel seats 80 and we currently have 125 guests coming. Don’t got me wrong, I’m SO happy everyone who we wanted to be there can be, so now we’re trying to come up with a solution (live stream the ceremony in another room?).

And then there’s the table plan which we’re currently at one table of people too many. I’m trying not to get too stressed about it though, I’m sure we’ll work something out (we have to!).

Worries aside, I’ve managed to make a start on the table plan. I’ve tried doing it both on a power point doc and IRL using sticky notes but was getting increasingly frustrated with both methods being so manual (I’m extremely impatient). I decided to google table planners and came across the Top Table Planner software. It’s been so useful in terms of time and ease and I can even email it over to my venue coordinator once done. All you do is add your guests to the list, which are then colour coded according to male, female or child and assign them a seat. You can also add each guests meal choice to their name and whether they’ve RSVP’d or not.

Seats can then be added or taken away from tables easily and there’s a choice of table types whether it’s round or long to pick from. It’s super easy and I’d recommend to all brides-to-be out there. I know how hard table planning can be and how much moving around of people needs to be done, so trust me when I say this takes all the hard work out of it.

Mike has two best men so they’ll both be sitting at the top table, along with myself Mike and both our sets of parents. As our favourite thing to do together (and at all) is travel, we’ve managed to rack up quite a few amazing places over the years so are using the cities and countries we’ve visited as table names. I’m still in two minds whether to make a table plan from an old Italian map we bought in Tuscany a few years back, or a tall multi easel style frame – I’ll get back to you on that one.

We’ve recently (almost) finished our home renovations with just a new carpet and front door to go which are both being fitted over the weekend, so I’m going to throw myself into wedding planning again as we now have less than 3 months to go. I’ve ordered some white chalk pens and saved some acrylic from old frames so whilst Mike climbs Snowdon for charity on Saturday, I’ll be at home getting my wed-craft on.

Speak soon.

Holly x

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