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With our Big Day getting closer, wedding planning has started to pick up again and I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Last week, Rob and I went to give our notice of marriage. It’s amazing how many people aren’t aware of this part – I know I certainly wasn’t. You basically have to visit your district council with proof of ID and answer a few questions about each other. For example, they asked my birthday, address, what my Dad did for a living, what Rob’s Dad did for a living, and what Rob’s birthday was. I had been drilling it in to Rob’s head all morning: “Rob, REMEMBER, my birthday is on the FIFTEENTH of APRIL. And we get married on the TWELFTH of NOVEMBER.” I made a joke that you’d know he was legit if he got my birthday wrong.

It was super simple and now all we have to do is wait for Leicestershire council to pick this up (that’s the council for where our venue is), and they’ll turn our provisional booking into a REAL LIFE PROPER ONE! Then we can get married – yay! I treated us to some peonies to celebrate.


I’ve finished buying things for our bridesmaids now – all I needed was bolero’s and bags, which I got in the amazing BHS sale as they’ve gone into liquidation. If you’re on the hunt for bridal accessories, make sure you check out what they’ve got and you may just find yourself a bargain. Our boleros were just £20 each and the bags were £8!

The more each day comes by, the more excited I get and I just cannot wait to marry Rob. He has a couple of weekends off work coming up in July, and so we’re going to take a weekend to go shopping for our rings. Rob wasn’t keen on wearing a ring initially; mainly because he won’t wear it at work, and he spends most of his day at work! But I want him to have one even if he doesn’t wear it, even if it’s just something to present him with at the ceremony (he said he’d prefer a new Rolex but that’s a BIT out of budget!) Eventually he decided he quite likes the look of wooden ones so we’re going to set out on a mission to find one – and of course, a nice sparkly number for me (diamonds, not wood!).

I’m still contemplating whether or not to bring Sid (our dog) to the wedding. Part of me thinks he’s my baby and I can’t imagine not having him there. The other part of me looks at this picture and thinks he may be better off at home, away from me and my ivory dress! He is still a puppy, so he’s always getting into mischief. Just LOOK:


This was on a hot day, on a nice brisk walk down the towpath to the pub. Every other dog in the pub looked clean and presentable and then there’s Sid. HOW he got himself in such a state, I’ll never know. Should we have him at the wedding?! Let me know what you think.

Olivia x

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catherinesprunt //

We got a puppy earlier this week and he’ll be about 7 months when we get married. I did joke about bringing him as our reception is in a pub, but in the end we’ve decided not to – we can’t have him at the ceremony so someone would have to bring him to reception later, and it’s just one extra thing to worry about – is he muddy, will he be overwhelmed by so many people, who will take him out to the toilet, who will take him home later? Questions are endless!