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I love lists. There’s nothing more satisfying than cleansing the mind by writing all your ‘to do’s down into a big fat list, and then ticking them off once done. I’m a planner which is why I’m right at home with this wedding planning business (for the most part), and lists are a big part of helping me to sleep at night when it comes to wedding planning.

I also like a good Excel spreadsheet and online google docs have been a huge help in wedding planning having used them for both the guest list and budgets. Recently I’ve been, for want of a better word, stressing over how the day will actually play out. Who needs to be where and when (and whether they’ll actually remember to be there then…). I really wanted a spreadsheet I could put everything down into and be able to hand out to relevant people on the day with all the info. And so I came across this downloadable planner (link towards bottom of the page). I’ve tailored it a bit more towards my own wedding but so far, it’s been super useful in getting everything in my head down onto paper.

It includes different tabs; order of the day, a pack list, weekend schedule, vendor contacts and timings and a couple of others. I plan to print them out and hand out to rest of the wedding party before the big day. I know it sounds very Bridezilla-esque (and my sister will definitely pick up on that!) but at least my mind will be at rest.

I’ve been thinking of the wedding party presents lately too. Have any of you guys had any genius ideas you can share? I’ve got my Dad sorted, he seemed to be the easiest one to buy for as I’ve had something in mind for a long time. Other than that, I’d love some ideas.

Recent wedding purchases included clear umbrellas (because to not buy any would be tempting fate) and blankets to keep guests warm in the evening. I also have another dress fitting tomorrow which I’m so excited about. The excitement never seems to wear off when it comes to the dress, I’d live in it if I could (and wouldn’t be frowned upon). Oh and we’re in double figures now…99 days to go!

Speak soon x

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