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Another day, and another beautiful wedding. Gavin featured on the blog a fair few years back now and today we are treated to another beauty of his weddings. My favourite thing about Holly and Ben’s wedding (aside from their gorgeousness) was that they had porridge and jam for favours. I think that is the first I have seen as porridge for favours and I am a huge fan of it! More porridge at weddings please. If you are a northern bride this wedding has some great suppliers for you.

photography | Gavin Forster

gforsterphoto-1985 gforsterphoto-1987 gforsterphoto-1988 gforsterphoto-1989 gforsterphoto-1996 gforsterphoto-1997 thebride

Maggie Sottero, Elizabeth of York bridal shop. http://www.elizabethofyork.co.uk

Shoes – Monsoon bridal.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – Veil from Elizabeth of York. http://www.elizabethofyork.co.uk

gforsterphoto-2004 gforsterphoto-2010 thehair&makeup

Hair by Michaela and Jodie from Charrity Hair Design, Harrogate. http://www.charrityhairdesign.co.uk

Make-up by my sister! Charlotte Tilbury products used.

The perfume – Eternity Moment, Calvin Klein

gforsterphoto-2012 gforsterphoto-2021 gforsterphoto-2031 gforsterphoto-2035 theflowers

Kate Mell, Boston Spa.

gforsterphoto-2041 gforsterphoto-2062 gforsterphoto-2073 gforsterphoto-2077 gforsterphoto-2096 gforsterphoto-2121 gforsterphoto-2135 gforsterphoto-2182 gforsterphoto-2232 gforsterphoto-2238 gforsterphoto-2246 gforsterphoto-2253 gforsterphoto-2268 gforsterphoto-2286 gforsterphoto-2292 gforsterphoto-2297 gforsterphoto-2332 gforsterphoto-2334 gforsterphoto-2339 gforsterphoto-2369 gforsterphoto-2372 gforsterphoto-2386 gforsterphoto-2437 gforsterphoto-2439 gforsterphoto-2461 gforsterphoto-2479 gforsterphoto-2487 gforsterphoto-2506 gforsterphoto-2508 gforsterphoto-2517 thebridesmaids

ASOS wedding collection dresses – shoes etc their own.

gforsterphoto-2579 gforsterphoto-2587 gforsterphoto-2592 gforsterphoto-2649 favouritemoment

The ceremony was incredible! But the exact favourite moment would be walking down the aisle, seeing family, friends, and so many people who we love. Our friend Adam composed a beautiful piece of music for us that our brass band (again – made up of family and friends!) played as my bridesmaids and I walked in and it was a truly epic and emotional moment – and of course, wonderful to see Ben waiting at the end of the aisle!

gforsterphoto-2676 gforsterphoto-2683 gforsterphoto-2690 gforsterphoto-2704 gforsterphoto-2715 gforsterphoto-2729 gforsterphoto-2797 gforsterphoto-2824 gforsterphoto-2853 gforsterphoto-2863 gforsterphoto-2891 gforsterphoto-2892 gforsterphoto-2893 gforsterphoto-2895 gforsterphoto-2931 gforsterphoto-3027 gforsterphoto-3350 gforsterphoto-3431 gforsterphoto-3443 gforsterphoto-3511 THEGROOM

Suit – Ted Baker, Shoes – Dune.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Moss Bros. Suit Hire

gforsterphoto-3514 gforsterphoto-3516 gforsterphoto-3533 gforsterphoto-3561 gforsterphoto-3597 gforsterphoto-3607 gforsterphoto-3629 gforsterphoto-3653 gforsterphoto-3673 gforsterphoto-3676 gforsterphoto-3685 thevenue

Rudding Park, Harrogate & St. Michael le Belfrey church, York.

gforsterphoto-3695 gforsterphoto-3714 gforsterphoto-3731 gforsterphoto-3766 gforsterphoto-3827 THECAKEBaked Beauties, Leeds

gforsterphoto-3881 gforsterphoto-3932 gforsterphoto-3976 gforsterphoto-4135 gforsterphoto-4148 gforsterphoto-4157 gforsterphoto-4179-2 gforsterphoto-4187 gforsterphoto-4192 gforsterphoto-4208 gforsterphoto-4224 thestationery

homemade by Holly!

gforsterphoto-4233 gforsterphoto-4248 thefood&drink

Provided by Rudding Park and all delicious! Canapés and prosecco reception, followed by 3-course meal, and in the evening, we had sausage sandwiches and several massive cheeseboards, plus our incredible wedding cake by Debbie from Baked Beauties.

gforsterphoto-4252 gforsterphoto-4286 gforsterphoto-4290 gforsterphoto-4293 gforsterphoto-4303 gforsterphoto-4312 gforsterphoto-4317 gforsterphoto-4322 gforsterphoto-4325 thedecor

Literary theme – we love reading and so integrated as many quotes and favourite books as possible! Stacks of old books on every table, tied with velvet ribbon, plus we made Penguin-style book covers for the table names and table plan, and we used our favourite quotes in the church, hung along the pews. Other decorations were there to make it more Spring-like, given the wedding was in April – sprigs of blossom and plenty of greenery, flower garlands winding around the bannisters…we also wanted plenty of light so had fairy lights and silvery candles wherever they would fit! Basically – all our favourite things!
We also had a sweet table, organised by one of our good friends, plus a finger-print guestbook, and video message guest book.

gforsterphoto-4400 gforsterphoto-4441 gforsterphoto-4456 thefavours

Homemade sachets of flavoured porridge oats – Benjamin’s raspberry porridge, and Holly’s gingerbread porridge. We did these ourselves, with some help from bridesmaids!

gforsterphoto-4493 gforsterphoto-4548 gforsterphoto-4562 gforsterphoto-4564 gforsterphoto-4629 theentertainment

friends from uni made up a jazz band and a friend from York providing sound/DJing!

gforsterphoto-4654 gforsterphoto-4682 gforsterphoto-4694 gforsterphoto-4713 gforsterphoto-4725 gforsterphoto-4726 gforsterphoto-4745 gforsterphoto-4754 gforsterphoto-4776 gforsterphoto-4813 gforsterphoto-4818 gforsterphoto-4821 gforsterphoto-4829advice

Remind yourself that it’s a massive privilege to get married and have a wedding – it makes you appreciate the decisions instead of getting stressed! Remember why you’re getting married in the first place – the marriage afterwards is way more important than the wedding. And have someone you trust helping during planning, to call you out on any ‘Bridezilla’ moments (for me it was my mum and sister!).

Where did you find your inspiration? From the things we love that characterise us and our relationship. Even the details – for example, we like books – we had books! We like porridge – we had porridge favours! We also did a lot of looking round – online, Pinterest, being at other people’s weddings, asking advice from friends…We wanted to feel at home at our own wedding, and to make our guests comfortable too, so made the day as personal to our style and personalities as possible.

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