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This post may be a little photos-of-my-eyes heavy, but I’ve got a few new lash products to show you! There’s always times in the year when new products seem to come in clusters, and I seem to have accumulated a few new mascaras recently so I thought I’d show you some results, and tell you which ones I love best.

LVL Lash Lift

Not a mascara, but first up I wanted to show you my LVL lash lift treatment results– bottom left is before, bottom right is after, and the top is with mascara (the Balm Mad Lash FYI- more on that later)


LVL Results

So what is LVL? It’s a lash lift treatment which involves perming and tinting the lashes, and basically makes them look longer, fuller, and really brings them out more than you would think possible! (especially with fine blonde efforts like mine). Different to a traditional lash perm in that the lashes are straightened at the root,  so your lashes look longer and thicker, plus the dye helps to give a mascara type effect with no product. I have to say I was invited to try it and didn’t give it too much thought, but I absolutely love the results – I’ve found for work days I need worry less about lots of eye makeup as they give me far more definition and make all my mascaras look amazing. The effects last for up to 6 weeks – this is so perfect for honeymoon, holidays etc. This is a salon treatment which takes around 45 mins to an hour, and you should be able to find a salon local to you which does this treatment via Google.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes  {£25}



So here is the new offering from CT – which will invariably sell in it’s droves as everything she produces does! Claiming to be an “instant Hollywood effect false lash mascara” with 13x more volume in just three coats, it also claims not to clump, crack or drop. It has a bristle brush with a different sized bristles to pick up long and short hair. I’ll put this in the “ok” camp – for me, it doesn’t tick my personal mascara boxes so I wouldn’t choose it for myself – I don’t love a bristle brush as it tends to miss a lot of my fine lashes, and unfortunately this, as many, many formulas do on me, this smudged on my orbital bone under my brows after a few hours. It does give a dramatic lengthening effect, but I’ll be seeing how this fares in my kit instead of on myself.

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Charlotte Tilbury

The Balm Mad Lash {£15}


The new mascara from theBalm features a curved wand with a comb style brush and promised “intense volume and definition in a rich black formula” and I adore this! It’s so easy to build up massive but non clumpy volume, it’s super black and the comb is full proof whether you have fine lashes or full. The curved brush pushes everything upward to really open the eyes, and as it’s a plastic comb it separates whilst you build volume. My favourite – no smudging, clumping or crumbling and applies plenty of product to the root, which I like.

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theBalm Mad Lash

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Petite Precision {£19}



This is best selling Lash Domination’s new little sister – same formula, smaller comb, so great for anyone with finer lashes or who struggles to use the bigger comb for bottom lashes. It’s exactly the same as the original in that it’s super dramatic, super black, and super duper difficult to get off (you’ll need a dual phase oil based eye makeup remover, promise) This is quite a wet formula (better when it isn’t brand new), so you’ll need to remove plenty of excess when it’s brand new to stop it looking too heavy, but it’s a great one to build up even, separated volume as it’s a small plastic comb not a bristle brush.

Good for ~ short, fine lashes as well as full, and those who like dramatic volume, and a separated doe eyed look.

lash domination precision

Lash Domination Petite Precision

Any other new mascaras you love that I need to know about?

Emily x

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