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Morning all! Thirty under Thirty will be up this afternoon in the mean time I wanted to let you know a little more about Prezola. We are going to be working with them throughout 2016 (so exciting, can’t wait to share what we are going to be up to) and I just wanted to let you know why. They have been advertising with SYGM for a little while, when it came to the rebrand and rethink towards sponsors and collaborative work I knew that I wanted to keep Prezola on board. Not only have they been lovely to work with behind the scenes, I truly adore what they offer brides and I whole heartedly wish they had been around when I got married. 

They asked me to put a little pretend wedding list together just to see how easy it was. Well, they were so right. It is kind of late out like pinterest and you simply click on the thing you want to add to your gift list. My favourite thing about Prezola though is the choice. They carry so many incredible brands, some major and some more indie. It didn’t take me long to find items I loved (read: now need) so even if you think you and your partner have everything you could possible want…I am pretty sure you are lacking in schnauzer cushions and duck egg blue ice buckets.

As a wedding guest I love to buy the couple a gift, so having just a small list would be super helpful. I have a few tips on curating the perfect list:

Hit all the price groups. From £10 to £1000 (you never know). You may have guests that can’t attend for whatever reason and may want to spend what they would have on a plane fare on your gift. For the high end gifts, add things that you would never buy for yourself, but you would love to own. E.g that copper roaster. For the less expensive items, add refresher products such as new cups, plates, vases. Items you will need (read, break) but may forget to purchase or if you do, it will be a £4 jobby from ikea. You deserve pretty things.

Make it varied. Choose things that are trend led (such as all the copper) but also include timeless classics (crystalware, glass champagne flutes etc). Add in practical things such as storage, slow cookers etc.

You always need linen. Good linen. The White Company are prefect for this.

It is such a lovely feel walking round your house and remembering who bought you what. Especially when you are having a dinner party and you get to use ALL of the lovely stuff, serving platters, glassware etc that your friends and family bought for you. I know gift lists aren’t for everyone but like I said, just a little one for those that would love to give you a gift you actually want, Prezola is so handy for that.


You can see the rest of my gift list edit over on Prezola’s website. It isn’t all dogs and gold I promise…

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