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Have you planned your wedding day fragrance yet? If you haven’t, make sure you read on! Today’s post is a review of Miller Harris’ amazing bespoke bridal appointment service – to help you find that elusive scent which will be forever the memory of your big day. Plus we’ve a bottle of fragrance to giveaway too to help us celebrate #marriedmay.

As tomorrow’s #marriedmay is day 21 ~ The Perfume, I thought this post would give you some inspiration, plus Miller Harris have kindly given us a 100ml bottle of the beautiful Citron Citron {rrp £95} to giveaway to one reader – all you need to do is post your day 21 #marriedmay with the hashtag on Instagram and I’ll pick my favourite entry to win!  Citron Citron is so gorgeous – a vibrant spritz of Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime with cool mint and basil, green moss, Moroccan cedar and cardamom, this is your honeymoon scent for sure! So summery and fresh, you will love it { already jealous of whoever wins it! }.


I fell in love with Miller Harris’ fragrance and brand after I attended the launch of Vetiver Insolent – over the last few years I’ve really gravitated toward more niche fragrance, and away from high street & fashion fragrance. I love something different, unique, which can be a signature scent and really individual to you, and for your wedding day this is precisely what you want from a fragrance – a considered choice which means something to you, and will evoke memories every time you smell it. This happens to be the Miller Harris ethos – that a fragrance should be a memory, a journey – something that resonates with you as more than just perfume.  I was invited to visit the lovely Bruton Street boutique in central London to experience a bespoke bridal appointment and find out exactly how to choose your wedding day fragrance.


My consultant was the amazing Carla, who greeted me with macarons – always a fab way to start any appointment if you ask me. The bridal service is amazing – you can book and the shop can literally be closed for your exclusive use! You can bring your hubby-to-be to pick a fragrance together, or your can ask Mum or your maids to join you. All the fragrances are ungendered and unisex, so you can try whatever you like and the MH ethos is to take away something you love, not just something you like. Some you may dislike – and that’s ok, because a fragrance should evoke a strong reaction and feeling!


Over a cup of green tea, we sat down and she asked me questions from a questionnaire which is designed to find out all about your fragrance tastes, lifestyle and loves. It was interesting to sit down and think about this because my tastes have become really varied, and whilst I have loads of perfumes I love, I don’t know if I have one that feels like my signature scent anymore – what I have don’t have much in common with one another and are all different so I don’t know what it is I’m really drawn to anymore.  After a chat about the questions and my answers, Carla chose about 10 fragrances to whittle down during my selection process based on the preferences she’d ascertained with the questions.  Carla’s product knowledge was astonishing, – there are 32 fragrances in the brand and I don’t think there’s one she doesn’t know every note and history of!

IMG_2617 IMG_2628

Each fragrance favours natural ingredients over synthetic, using fine quality ingredients and there are Core, Edition and Premium fragrances. These all have the same level of craftsmanship when created (and with some having more than 600 ingredients!) but cater to different tastes, and the Premium range is so because it may have rarer or more precious ingredients. Apparently in Rose En Noir a core ingredient can only be harvested for 3 weeks of the year, and must be done so only at 3am so it isn’t bruised by the sun! Carla also explained they like to encourage fragrance wardrobing, where one may not be enough for all occasions.  Different fragrances will suit different moods – for a day time when you want to feel uplifted you may like a Citrus fragrance, for evening something more seductive, and for longeivity you may like a woody scent etc.


Popular wedding fragrances from Miller Harris are Noix De Tuberose, Le Jasmine and Tuberosa. Their bestselling fragrance in France (and the bestselling UK candle) is L’Air De Rien – which was created for Jane Birkin, a Brit who adored France, much like the brand itself, which is British but with a strong French influence. You’ll either love it or hate it – this is MH’s marmite fragrance! My own short list was whittled down as I tried each fragrance one at a time, until I was left with only two – La Feuille (meaning The Leaves) and Noix De Tuberose. I did love both but my final choice was La Feuille – with rich red berries, cassis, fig and ivy, I felt this was a perfect day to night, countryside wedding fragrance, and fig seems to be a real favourite. I love it, and I’ve had so many compliments on it when I’ve worn it. I also bought a Terre D’Iris candle for the barn (forever addicted to candles!)


I genuinely can’t recommend the lovely staff at MH enough – they are so thorough and warm, and have such amazing product knowledge that you’ll love your experience as much as I did! All in all a gorgeous way to while away a couple of hours. You can book into the stores for the bridal experience in either Covent Garden or Bruton Street – outside of London stockists can be found here . If you fancy buying online MH do genius samples sets to try different fragrances first here. To book at Bruton Street you can call (0)207 629 7750.

Make sure you tell me all about it if you go!

Emily x

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