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Well, here we are. It’s officially the six month countdown and I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s come around!

When we booked our venue back in January last year, I remember thinking that November 2016 felt so far away, and now, as we come into the final preparation stages and that date creeps closer, it all seems like one big blur – in a good way, of course.

So with just under six months to go, we still have a few bits and bobs to sort, but it’s now mostly down to the boring part – paying for it all!

Rob is yet to find a suit, although I know he’s seen a few on ASOS he likes so I’m going to encourage him to order some from my account (hello, ASOS A-List points!) and I think my Dad was keen on enlisting his help in finding his too.

I have been notified by my lovely Maid of Honour and my sister that my hen party plans are well and truly underway – I’ve been told me to keep a weekend in October free and that’s all I know. I LOVE a good surprise, so I’m excited to see what’s in store. I’m having two hen parties – one weekend with my closest girls, and a day out with family eating yummy food, making cocktails and then partying on into the evening for those who can handle it! This way, my Mum, aunties, grandma and under 18 family members get to be involved too.

I’ve started collecting decoration bits and bobs. As much as I’d love to go crazy and have all of these amazing ideas that Pinterest gives me, I think our venue is beautiful enough as it is, and too much “faff” could potentially spoil it. A few fairy lights, candles and nice bits of foliage will make the barn look amazing, and I’m hoping to set up a couple of DIY entertainment bits here and there too.

I met with our florist last weekend who I’m SO looking forward to working with. Cara at Buds & Blooms is based at Staunton Harold, which is right in between myself and my venue – perfect! She has the most gorgeous displays of flowers, so I treated myself to a bunch to brighten up the boat.

I must say, I really struggled to find a florist before I found Cara. I visited a couple of local suppliers but they spoke of how “unbelievably busy” they are. I even tried to book an appointment in one place and she made an airy-fairy gesture with her hand and said, “oh just drop me an email – I’m too busy right now!” SO RUDE – I felt like I’d be just another name added to their “long” list of customers. They never asked me anything about the wedding itself – how long I’d been engaged, even when the date was. Cara, on the other hand, asked me questions straight away and seemed genuinely excited for our wedding.

I’m going shopping for more decorations this weekend – Hobbycraft and Not on the Highstreet have been my SAVIOURS! I’ll keep you all updated!

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