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I think it should be common law for dogs to attend weddings. If we have to deal with the weird aunts and uncles, it should be sweetened with our four legged friends being there? Today’s wedding has a gorgeous couple, a cute dog, pretty florals and so many personal details, from Disney and Harry Potter, to Game of Thrones. Have you ever wondered what wedding photographers would choose for their own wedding? Well wonder no more!

photography | Binky Nixon sd_wed008 sd_wed032 sd_wed038 THEGROOM

The suit was rented from Fogarty’s, and the shoes were a last minute purchase less than 24 hours prior to the wedding, from Clarks. I bought him a pocket watch and evidently he had no idea how to wear it, or use it (he broke it straight away ha)!

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – As above. Dan’s tie was £20 from Fogartys but as we wanted him to stand apart a little, I got the groomsmen green ties from China. £3 each!

sd_wed050 sd_wed062 sd_wed063 sd_wed072 theflowers

The Flower Fairies. Charlie was based quite a way away from us, but with all the weddings we’d been to, I’d never seen floral design quite like Charlie’s, and I was only aware of her as she’s Binky’s friend! She has an amazing way of packing an unbelievable amount of blooms and foliage compliments into one perfect bouquet.

A few people pointed out that I didn’t put my flowers down all day. I had no idea just how important the flowers were until I saw them on the morning and almost burst out crying. They just finished everything off perfectly and made it all feel so ‘real.’ We were a little tentative about spending so much money on the flowers but we have absolutely zero regrets there.

sd_wed073 sd_wed074 sd_wed075 sd_wed076 sd_wed078 sd_wed084 sd_wed105 thebridesmaids

Eliza and Ethan wrap dresses. I was planning on sage green dresses, but then saw these in a sample sale by Treasured Bridal at Woburn Village Wedding Fair and grabbed them for loads less than half price. I figured I’d make the colours work around them somehow, and I was glad I’d never gotten caught up in matching anything perfectly. The shoes were from Next, and they wore their own silver necklaces alongside the Swarovski bracelets I popped in their gift boxes.

sd_wed114 sd_wed118 sd_wed119 sd_wed122 thebride

Phil Collins, from Serendipity Bridal in Weedon, Northampton. Shoes were Steve Madden, bought from John Lewis shortly after we got engaged.. Before I even had a dress!

I had actually bought another dress on a sale day, and made the mistake of taking lots of people and giving into the ‘sale day’ pressure. It took almost 6 months to give in to my doubts and realise I’d never be happy with it despite the constant reassurance I was getting. I’m so glad I made the decision to look for a second dress because even though I never saw myself going for a tulle ‘princess’ gown, I felt that it was absolutely perfect for me.

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – My hairpiece was by Richards Designs, bought from Serendipity Bridal. I never realised there were different shades of silver before trying to match something to my dress jewels..! Veil was a bit of a bargain, handmade by Lemonade and Lace and bought on the sale rail at MK Wedding Fayre

sd_wed125 thehair&makeup

Ah, the hair and make up. Being a huge make up lover I was terrified of letting someone else loose on my make up, and I was sure my frizzy hair was too difficult to do something with. Albeit a little snobby, it had to be the best make up artist, or nobody at all. But I didn’t really trust my nervous self with an eyeliner pencil. Somehow, I found Kristina Gasperas, and entrusted her recommendation of her pal, Kasia Fortuna, for hair. They’re both geniuses in what they do, but more importantly for me, I felt 100% comfortable and confident throughout the entire process – Kristina even invited me to model for one of her make up classes before I put a deposit down, just to try her out for free! I’m still not sure how they do it, but I’m going back to learn makeup with Kristina soon.

sd_wed138 sd_wed151 sd_wed156 theperfume

Jo Malone – Peony Blush. I wanted a completely new perfume to take me back to my wedding day, years down the line, and I’m glad I did. Peony Blush seems to be a popular bridal perfume, and since our wedding two brides we’ve shot for have chosen it for their own. When they’re getting ready and spritzing that, it takes me right back to that morning and I’m given an extra burst of excitement for their day.

sd_wed160 sd_wed171 sd_wed174 sd_wed192 sd_wed196 sd_wed197 sd_wed215 sd_wed219 thevenue

Wedding at Cardington Church, reception at the lovely South Farm, in Royston.

These are both places we fell in love with after shooting weddings there. Steve, the reverend at Cardington had such a kooky personality that we always knew he had to marry us, and we got to know him so well we’re so glad we did.
We shot a wedding at South Farm the December before Dan proposed in February. We briefly looked at other places, but we both loved South Farm for its laid back feel and how utterly welcoming they were when we were there suppliers.

sd_wed222 sd_wed228 sd_wed238 sd_wed242 sd_wed246 sd_wed252 sd_wed254 sd_wed273 sd_wed277 sd_wed278 sd_wed279 sd_wed288 sd_wed300 thephotographer

Binky Nixon. We’re photographers ourselves, so this should’ve been a difficult decision. We lost count of how many people joked that we’d be taking selfies instead of having a photographer, or asking how we’d ever made the decision.
The truth is, we made the decision right away, and it was pretty simple. We wanted someone with a style distinctly different from ours so we wouldn’t subconsciously compare and Binky and Sally were just a dream to work with. Binky really works natural light and brings vibrance out of everything. She’s just bloomin’ fab. It was a really easy decision and we booked her straight after we’d booked the date and venue, two years in advance

sd_wed301 sd_wed307 sd_wed309 sd_wed311 sd_wed314 sd_wed316 sd_wed323 sd_wed324 sd_wed331 sd_wed342 sd_wed351 sd_wed354 thedecor

We spent so long thinking about a theme, that in the end we just gave up and went with a little jumble of things. Key words that came to mind whilst things were settling down were, fairytale, forest, rustic, modern French.

First, there were little touches of Disney to honour our place of engagement. Hidden Mickey’s on the invites, the Disney cake, and everyone was assigned their own Disney character as a badge. We had such a good evening laughing over who would be ‘Dopey,’ and ‘Maleficent,’ and for example I felt chuffed to give my godmother ‘fairy godmother.’ Oh, and our postbox was a model of our house with balloons attached to it. Like ‘Up!’

We like our geekery and added a few little bits. I walked down the aisle to ‘concerning hobbits’ from Lord of the Rings, played on the organ. It was just utterly perfect for me. We had a couple of pictures of my passed-on grandparents, with a relevant Dumbledore quote too. Dan wanted to add a few Game of Thrones references but we thought a statement of ‘The Lannisters send their regards,’ before dinner might go over most heads, and scare the rest.

There was a bit of a travel theme, with postcards for date night ideas and tips from guests, a painted globe and aeroplanes, and our table names were places we’ve been together, with pictures of us in said place!

We kept to the rustic fairytale side with crates topped with more glamorous photo frames, moss and lots of gold glitter and fairy lights. Cigar boxes and cigars with gold foil personalised match boxes. I was put off the glitter as I was told it was tacky, but a week before the wedding I found my heart and me and my mum glittered everything. So glad I did. Why did I ever doubt the glitter?

sd_wed357 sd_wed358 sd_wed360 sd_wed362 sd_wed366 sd_wed368 sd_wed369 sd_wed376 sd_wed379 sd_wed382 sd_wed386 sd_wed387 sd_wed388 sd_wed394 sd_wed395 sd_wed397 sd_wed406 sd_wed411 sd_wed414 sd_wed415 sd_wed418 sd_wed422 favouritemoment

Driving past our house from the church to the venue and Dan exclaiming that he had forgotten to put the bins out. If you’d have told me we’d be having normal household conversations like that on our wedding day I’d never have believed you. That half an hour together alone in the campervan was just lovely.

Getting ready in the morning. I was up at 4am and prepared breakfast for everyone myself to pass the time. I do get anxious, and I was worried I’d get snappy or stressed, but when the time came I surprised myself by being really laid back. Everything was in hand and the stress and excitement that I’d been sitting on for almost two years had just completely disappeared. Meanwhile, Dan was freaking out.

Walking into the church. Again, I was worried that I’d slip, need a wee, or cry. I remember seeing everyones face as I walked in. Every single person was smiling ear to ear and I can honestly say it was the biggest confidence boost of my entire life. These people were genuinely thrilled to see us get married and it was incredibly humbling. Then Dan turned around and the excitement and nerves came flooding back again. A really exhilarating moment! 
This is the moment I had nightmares about. I had genuinely asked Dan if we could skip the whole ‘aisle walk,’ as I hate being the centre of attention but he really encouraged it and I’m glad I did it.

sd_wed423 sd_wed426 sd_wed427 sd_wed430 sd_wed452 sd_wed453 sd_wed454 sd_wed455 sd_wed456 sd_wed458 sd_wed462 sd_wed467 sd_wed470 sd_wed481 sd_wed501 sd_wed505 sd_wed513 sd_wed523 sd_wed531 sd_wed532 sd_wed533 sd_wed534 sd_wed535 sd_wed537 sd_wed539 sd_wed540 sd_wed541 thefood&drink

We wanted a really laid back style and we know we’d want a bit of variety, so we opted for a buffet with three choices. He chose one, I chose one, then for the third option we chose something different. We served chicken and leek pie, chili con carne, and pulled pork, and a choice of three deserts also. Most people were in and out constantly throughout the meal as it was luckily boiling outside, and we think it indeed felt pretty laid back!

sd_wed542 sd_wed543 sd_wed545 sd_wed546 sd_wed547 thefavours

It was just after easter, so we added mini eggs to little jars with glittered stamped name tags finished with a Disney character badge for every person.

sd_wed549 sd_wed550 sd_wed551 sd_wed552 sd_wed553 sd_wed555 sd_wed556 sd_wed557 sd_wed558 sd_wed561 THECAKE

Rachel Maddams made us two fantastic cakes. We couldn’t decide between a Disney cake (We got engaged in Disneyland and bought a cake topper the next day, we had to use it somehow)! Or a more serious, normal looking cake. She suggested we had both. We still have some in the freezer over a month later.

sd_wed563 sd_wed564 sd_wed565 sd_wed570 sd_wed573 sd_wed575 sd_wed586 sd_wed598 sd_wed603 sd_wed604 sd_wed605 sd_wed609 sd_wed610 sd_wed612 sd_wed614 sd_wed620 sd_wed625 sd_wed627 sd_wed634 sd_wed647 sd_wed671 sd_wed675 sd_wed678 sd_wed691 sd_wed703 sd_wed707 sd_wed710 theentertainment

As a kid I was always more fascinated with the big band at the theatre than the actual show. As a tomboy I hadn’t really dreamed about my future wedding, but I knew I’d want a band like that. I saw the strayhorns at a wedding fair we were exhibiting at and Dan agreed they were just fantastic. They added such a great atmosphere that we’re sure absolutely everyone enjoyed. A DJ and a band are available every Friday night, but how often do you see a good swing band?

sd_wed725 sd_wed726 thehoneymoon

We went to Mexico. We weren’t fussed where we were going as we just wanted somewhere all inclusive where we could be really pampered. We got the top room with a swim up suite, butler, and the whole package.

sd_wed727 sd_wed737 sd_wed739 sd_wed741 sd_wed747

I tried to avoid Pinterest past the initial stages as there is just a never ending sea of information that really confused and frustrated me after a while. I looked at magazines, blogs, other weddings we had shot, but really tried to put that aside after a certain point to focus on us, and our personalities. Dan wasn’t interested in too much, but I tried to discuss everything with him because he had a completely fresh perspective. The postbox house for example was completely his doing!

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