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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Happy Wednesday. Are you feeling the tropics at the moment? It is meant to be as hot as Ibiza this weekend. Baring in mind, this never means Leeds, but it is still meant to be warm up north so it is quite apt we enjoy a pretty outdoor wedding this afternoon. Carl and Beth stuck to their budget, they have some excellent money saving tips. It just goes to show, you don’t need to spend the earth to have a unicorn at your wedding.

photography | Kelsie Low

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-1 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-2 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-3 thevenueLittle Ropers Farm, Bures, Suffolk

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-4 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-5 thedecorStraw bales from local farmer for seating – just had to collect & return them (pay for the ones that got wrecked). Cable reels for tables – free from a local solar farm that was under construction – just had to pay for large skip to transport them in. Butterflies hanging in the woods. Made metres & metres of bunting with my mum. Used building fencing stakes to mark out pathways & hang ham jars with dried flowers in.

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-6 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-7 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-8 theflowersFlowers can cost a fortune and hydrangeas are in season in August. They are already a ball of flowers, so not difficult to make into a decent bouquet yourself. So I stopped at everyone & anyone’s house that had hydrangeas growing in their garden, told them that I wanted them for my wedding & they all kindly let me pick them the year before so that I could have dried flowers for decoration ( along with lavender), use them for confetti & go back a few days before the wedding day to cut fresh ones for the bouquet.

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-10 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-11 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-13 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-14 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-15 thefood&drinkCarl – my husband is an amazing chef – so he did all the food & we supplied all the drinks.

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-16 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-18 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-19 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-20 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-21 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-23SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-22 thebride

Dress from Jjs house online. Made to measure for £100. Wore white leather ballet shoes – super comfortable! I did my own makeup. Went to body shop and had them help me choose all the products I needed to buy so that I could do a fresh natural look (this way I could do my makeup myself to look like I did on my wedding day)

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-25 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-26 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-27 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-29 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-30 THEGROOMWhite shirt, chinos – high street. Shoes, belt, pocket watch – eBay.

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-31 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-33 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-34 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-35 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-36 favouritemomentWalking down the aisle. It was just as I hoped. The man I love waiting at the end for me. All the people I love there to share it with us. The music, the unicorn, the fairies. I was so happy I could have cried!

SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-37 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-39 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-40 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-38SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-42 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-43 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-44 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-45 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-46 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-47 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-48 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-49 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-50 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-51 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-52 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-53 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-54 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-56 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-57 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-58 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-61 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-62 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-63 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-64 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-65 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-66 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-67 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-68 SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-59SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-60SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-69SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-70SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-71SYGM-Blog-Submission-Kelsie-Low-Photography-72


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Such good ideas in this, Love the simplicity of it. They made it their own, which I think a wedding is all about. It’s your day, do what you want with it. And I love the shot with the little girls and the beautiful horse. <3