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I left my job a few weeks ago to give myself some time to prepare for my big move to London, which means I finally have some time and energy to get my bridezilla on. I’ve been bombarding our venue with questions, thinking about our ceremony music, and dithering about whether to shell out for a hair stylist to come to my hotel morning-of or just get a nice blowout the day prior and deal with it—why is nothing in Oxford open on Sundays?!

I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that I’m best off doing my own makeup—I’ll tell you why in another post—so I’m trying to make myself practice. I feel much better wearing makeup than not, but more days than not I’m too tired and/or lazy to bother applying it. I’m far from a pro, but I’m hoping that with a bit of motivation and Youtube I’ll be able to put together a decent wedding look.

I also picked up my custom wedding shoes this week, and they’re just as beautiful as I’d hoped. I love them. I also had a second fitting for my wedding dress, and that I’m not feeling as great about. While I love the way the skirt came out, I’m not so thrilled with the top and sleeves. We’re trying something different for next fitting, and I’m hoping it’ll be more what I expected. Though I’m sure the dress will turn out fine (and, barring some miraculous budget find, I’m pretty committed to it), I’m wishing more than ever that I’d tried harder to get myself over to the UK for some dress shopping before making my decision—or that we’d just held off on the wedding festivities altogether so that I could start planning them after I’d gotten myself situated in London rather than just arriving in the UK at the tale end.

Oh, and speaking of my move to London—after much procrastination, I’ve finally booked my ticket. I’m flying out in a mere two weeks (gulp). Though I’m happy to be reunited with Ben—and to be able to be together for a period of longer than three months, for the first time ever—I’m feeling pretty sad about being so far away from my parents. Aside from various student housing situations and the few months I spent at Ben’s house in London way back when we first met, I’ve never not lived with them. I also haven’t stayed with Ben since he started his (very intense) training contract, and I suspect it’ll be strange chilling in London without him. I’m not allowed to do any kind of work in the UK, paid or otherwise, until after we’re married, so I’m hoping to get in some quality London adventures in the meantime.

On the chance that writing for SYGM might be counted as unpaid work, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I won’t be able to keep posting from the UK. However, I’m writing and scheduling a bunch of posts before I leave, so you should still see something new from me every other Sunday. I’m sad I won’t be able to share my live updates, since I think there’ll be lots of fun stuff to report on—a venue visit (finally!), choosing our menu, doing our music—but I’m planning on being back in New York for a bit in July and should be able to give you some live updates then. If you want to keep up with my London adventures in real time until then, I’ll be posting to Instagram @terrible_emily.

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