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Only a quick one from me this week as planning has realllllly slowed down. So much so I’m now on the lookout for more things to do…We have just over 4 months to go and decor wise I have table centerpieces ordered, jars and wine bottles collected and had the most incredible back drop for the chapel and top table delivered last week that I designed and had made in the US. Unfortunately I can only reveal all about it once the wedding’s been and gone as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for guests potentially reading this! I’m also trying out some DIY so if I have any success I’ll post a tutorial here one week. I’m working on a photo booth back drop at the moment from some ribbon and fabric and a very long stick I found whilst walking the dog one day.

I’m going back for my second HD brow appointment tomorrow and am also trying out LVL enhance lashes for the first time to see if I like them enough to have done before the wedding day too. The technique claims to lift the lashes from root to tip as well as adding length and volume without the need for extensions so we will see…

Las weekend I went to a friends hen party which has got me extremely excited for my own in August. My sister, aka maid of honour, is doing a seriously good job of keeping it secret from me and I’ve not managed to squeeze any information from anyone yet despite my trying.

Next weekend I have a 3rd dress fitting which I can’t wait for. Every time I go it’s a little more ‘done’ yet tweaks can still be made, most of which are things I’ve thought of between the fittings. I’ll also be discussing whether to go veil or no veil with my designer Emma and make the call.

Speak soon!

Holly x

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