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So seeing as though the wedding planning has calmed down (for now…) I thought I’d review­ a few of the beauty products and treatments I’ve invested in over the past few months. I call it prep for the wedding but in reality, the wedding is just a really good excuse to get my bum into gear and do all the things I’ve just never got around to doing up until now. And it might not sound like much, but it’s surprising how much time getting to and from appointments and going shopping for the right products takes, which is the main reason why it’s taken me so long to do it! Anyway, here goes…

Teeth whitening

The first beauty treatment on my priority list was to get my teeth whitened. I found Dental at Media City, a local dentist to where I work, and went for a consultation to find out what the best form of whitening treatment would be for me. And by the way, if you are in the Media City area, I would totally recommend Dental – they were super helpful, the offices are very swish and you’re even offered a cuppa on arrival (that never happens!). Out of 3 whitening treatments, I went for option 1, the at-home treatment. Option 2 was similar to option 1 but at the start of the treatment you go into the dentists for a laser treatment to kick things off, and option 3 uses advanced technology to seal the bleach within your mouth retainers.

Option 1 was best for me as my teeth were different levels of white so it meant I was able to target the less white areas first to bring them up to the same whiteness as the rest of my teeth, and then whiten them all at the same time. It was also the cheapest option, which was a bonus!

The treatment was meant to be two intense weeks of wearing the specially molded retainers every night, however due to a few things such as teeth sensitivity and having a life, I’m a few weeks in and only half way through the amount of bleach I was given. I’ve seen a huge difference already though and would 100% recommend it to everyone (and I do, oh I do). All I need to do once I’ve finished the intense course is top up with bleach a night or two before the wedding and I’ll be camera-ready (well, that’s the plan…).

HD brows

Up next was to sort the brows out. I’d been growing my eyebrows out (such a painful experience to look in the mirror every morning and not be able to tweeze until your hearts content) especially for my HD brow appointment at Saks in Urmston, Manchester. They use a mix of threading, waxing and eyebrow dye to create super slick but still natural-looking eyebrows. I’m so pleased with how they turned out (eat your heart out Cara Delevingne) and I’m on a ‘regrowth’ programme to get them in even better shape, which basically means I’m not allowed to touch them between my appointments every 4 weeks.


I had a hair appointment last Sunday with absolute hair hero and colour extraordinaire Clare. I showed Clare a few images of my #hairgoals (as you do when you go to the hairdressers) as inspiration and hoped I might get at least halfway there. Not only did Clare get halfway there but she transformed my hair from the yellowy blonde brassiness I thought I’d never rid my head of, to the platinum blonde of my dreams. I also had a trim and I couldn’t be more please with the results! I have another appointment in 6 weeks time to top up the roots and we’ll hopefully get it looking even better between now and September. Which leads me on to a few hair products she recommended…

L’Oreal Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Shampoo

Clare recommended to buy hair bits (apparently cheaper than most places! Good to know for any purse-tightening bride to be) so I opted for the this shampoo in a bid to maintain my colour for longer and keep it looking light and bright. And that’s certainly what I got, after only 2 washes- it’s a keeper! The difference between this and the usual whatever’s-on-offer-in-the-supermarket is huge and I’ll be sticking with this for a while I think. The key is just to use smaller amounts so it lasts a little longer…

Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Restorative Conditioner

I also bought this conditioner from and although quite pricey for a conditioner it was so. worth. it. As with the shampoo, I noticed results after just two washes. My hair feels so silky smooth and soft now, and in a much better condition generally which is always the aim when you’re a bleach addict like moi. It doesn’t leave the hair greasy like some conditioners can do; instead it just leaves it feeling soft, light and damage-free, and is a worthy investment for sure.

L’Oréal Professionnel Smooth Liss Control

Clare used this on my hair before drying it as it also has a heat protector in it. It’s also great for smoothing baby hairs and giving the hair a slight bit of hold. I always want the effortlessly messy look but sometimes my hair is just a little too soft, so this is perfect for giving a bit of hold for the I-just-got-out-of-bed look.

Eye test

My eyesight is getting progressively worse and I went from refusing to admit being a glasses wearer to having to wear them pretty much all the time. I had gone for so long without an eye test I thought now was probably a good time for a new prescription and pair of glasses, after all I’m probably going to want to see the groom on the wedding day, right? I won’t actually be wearing my glasses on the day (I’m still in denial) and will instead wear my contact lenses (I order the Dailies from Lens Store FYI). I got a free eye test at a Tesco nearby and as suspected, it had deteriorated. I’ve now got some shiny new glasses and a new prescription of contact lenses, hurrah.

So I think that’s it for now though I’m sure there will be lots more going on between now and September so stay tuned. Have a good weekend y’all!







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