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So this weekend was the big wedding dress ‘try on’ session and…I love it! It’s not finished yet and there’s still quite a lot of work to be done on it, with a few tweaks here and there but from what I tried on, it’s definitely on the right tracks, wahoo. One of my bridesmaids Rachel came up from London to come to the fitting, along with one of my sisters (Maid of Honour). Originally I wasn’t planning on telling anyone but my Mum about it but they’ve been super helpful and offered opinions I wouldn’t have thought of, so glad I changed my mind. Afterwards we went out to celebrate with food and Prosecco – a good weekend all round! There’s not much more I want to divulge about the dress now as it’s all a big secret (especially to Mike!) so I’m going to leave it there until after the wedding on September 17th. But I promise to post lots after the wedding.

Wedding planning has slowed down a little now and if I’m being honest, on the rare moments I forget it’s happening and my head’s clear, it’s a bit of a relief. I’m exhausted from the constant brain ticking over and excitement, so it’s sometimes nice not to be thinking about it every waking moment, whether it be being busy at work or finding distractions at home (Bates Motel, anyone?).

One thing that’s been playing on my mind A LOT is what the wedding party will be wearing. I thought I had the groom’s men suits nailed (ordered? Yep. Fit well? Yep), until I changed my mind about the colour…so now we’re back to square one on those. The bridesmaids we’ve almost cracked. We have a definite 3 out of 5 dresses bought with another two on their way, so fingers crossed they fit…

This weekend we’re hopefully going suit shopping for Mike. We have his shoes already sorted but need to get his suit so the rest of the wedding party (dads, granddads etc.) can get theirs too.

This afternoon I headed to the registry office in Manchester to register the marriage. Mike had to stay in Gwynedd for 9 days last week and check in at the registry office in Wales in order to register our marriage there. We’ve already been to the Manchester registry office together once but after a mix up when we were given the wrong info, it turns out we hadn’t needed to go together at all, so instead I needed to go again today alone – complicated stuff.

Apologies for the short post this week but there’s not much to report back at the moment. This weekend I’m getting a haircut and colour – thanks to reader Heather for the recommendation!

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