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So, I am going to be honest. I really dislike pinterest. I hate that I *have* to use it for work as it has taken all enjoyment out of it. Over the years I have been using it, I have noticed some major changes, some for the better, some for the worse. According to a survey carried out by Mashable and The Knot, 70% of Pinterest users admit to having wedding boards before they are even engaged, I love this. I love that people love weddings, but there are a few things that I think you should be aware of whilst you’re happily pinning.

I have noticed that a lot of people talk about having (or blogging) a “very pinterest” wedding. I have written about having a bloggable wedding here before. But Pinterest seems to have morphed in to a verb of it’s own. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration, I do love it for that, just careful where you are clicking.

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Click Bait – I have noticed a huge surge in companies from China, using wedding dress images from well known brands as click bait. You end up on a legit looking page and can order the dress you think you have seen. You know the perils of this. You will not end up with the dress you wanted. It is not just dodgy Chinese dress makers that are using click bait though, you will often find yourself clicking through a myriad of sites before getting the the intended content you wanted. If you are then buying from the site just make sure it is safe.

Your best bet when seeing a dress like above is either using the magnifying glass in the right had corner of the pic to search for similar images (if on mobile). Or if you are on your laptop, right click and “search google for image”. You will then find it is a Dimitrius Dalia 2014 gown.

The Fake Weddings – The pinned ‘real weddings’ are in fact editorial images from styled shoots. Which is fine, but when you are putting  a pin board together for your suppliers of these ‘real weddings’ don’t be too surprised if your supplier gently breaks it to you that is is simply unachievable. Or if it is achievable, it will cost the earth. UK peony season is mid May to early July fyi.


image – Igor Kovchegin

I think this is my main gripe with pinterest. It helps you plan your dream wedding, which when you come to make it a reality, you’ve set your expectations so high that is can seem overwhelming at best, or completely unattainable, at worst. I know that wedding boutique owners feel so sad when their brides come in with hundreds of backless gown pins, for example, and they know within minutes that their boobs are too ample for a backless number, or a scoop-neck fishtail would suit them way more.

Promoted Pins – as with all good things, it gets taken over by adverts. Pinterest has been very sly with its promoted pins, you can’t really make it look like an ad, so it just looks like any other pinned picture. These pins have usually come from pinterest’s ever changing algorithm so should be from a pinner or brand that you know and trust, but just be aware that it has been paid for.

There are too many pins – do you not agree? I think that since brands and more users have joined, pinterest seems to be flooded with images. Is there such thing as too much inspiration? I think if I were planning my wedding now I would fall in love with a dress one day, then another the next time I pin. Then I will have decided on a rustic country theme, then a metallic luxury geometric theme the next week. I feel like pinterest can now be too much of a hindrance. Please tell me if I am wrong, or if you agree with me? Plus, theres only so many times you can see “50 mason jar ideas” and still feel inspired.


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Emily Sacharin //

I must be the only bride who doesn’t like Pinterest at all. I tried to get into it, but for some of the reasons you mentioned plus a few technical things about the site that really irk me I didn’t last long.

Mylondon weddingplanner //

No, we won’t use pinterest…if you say so… 🙂 Kidding!