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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I am going to be honest, Married May is the highlight of my working year. I genuinely look forward to it, and I get so so blue when it has all finished. I check back through the hashtag during the year in the hopes that those of you who were nearly married update me, and I am never disappointed. For new readers (hello, welcome) that don’t know, let me explain what it is.

A couple of years ago I had the idea to start a hashtag that would take over a whole month on my social media. I wanted to get brides to be and newly weds talking, sharing and finding new friends. I obviously wanted it to be blog related, and what do we like talking about? Weddings!

So how does it work? 

This is an example of last years (old branding ahoy!) I think I will change a few of the days this year, I am open to suggestions if you think something is missing (just leave a comment below). Whilst it is aimed at those planning their wedding, those already married can take part, and those who just want to plan their dream wedding and hopefully not repel prospective husbands in doing so are welcome to join in also. All you have to do is upload an image each day to instagram, twitter,facebook or your blog based on that days title and tag #marriedmay so we can all see and enjoy your wedding plans.


At the end of each day, I will share my favourites on the blog. Here is a link to the very first day, of the very first married may in 2014.

Please let me know if you are going to take part. I will be deciding on the final topics this week so please tweet/email etc anything you would like us all to share. Have a look at the hashtag on instagram to get an idea, then please let any engaged or married lady know! The more the merrier.

Oh, and this year, there will be a few competitions thrown in to a few of the days as well. By uploading your pic that will be your entry so keep an eye on the blog/social media for details!




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Smashing The Glass //

Love #marriedmay Phoebe and I will be taking part! What about a day where we talk about aspects of our ceremony?

Naomi D //

Yippee I got engaged this weekend so will be super excited to join in with #marriedmay and see what other brides are up to, what a fab idea 🙂 xxxx