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How was everyone’s Easter weekend? Mike and I travelled over to North Wales last Thursday evening to stay with my parents in Pwllheli where they have a caravan on the coast. Friday was amazing weather wise – blue skies (sorry, was that spring?)! Sadly the rest of the weekend was a wash out pretty much but we managed to get over to our wedding venue in the sun on Friday to chat through the menu with the wedding coordinator there. Every time we visit the venue, it totally takes our breath away. The views are incredible and it’s better than being abroad, on a sunny day!

In terms of the menu, I wasn’t that keen on the venue’s menu and we wanted to chat though the options. Initially we were told to decide on one main course but I couldn’t imagine all 120 people invited wanting either fish or meat. In the end we agreed on a very Welsh based and locally sourced menu, really in keeping with the venue and location which I’m totally happy with now. Guests can decide between a fish, meat or veggie dish as their main course and I’m super excited for the Welsh ‘sausage’ starter – I’m not 100% certain on what it is but it has something to do with cheese and anything to do with cheese is a big tick in our box.

We also took another look around the accommodation and found out there’s a separate house which isn’t used as accommodation but is available for me to get ready in on the morning of the wedding with my bridesmaids. I was a little worried before we were told about it as there will be a lot of people there with me on the morning (5 bridesmaids, 2 videographers, one photographer and my mum!) so we needed a big space which this house has, and the views out across the sea are also a huge bonus and weather providing, we’re gonna get some amazing bride squad shots before the ceremony!


On Saturday morning we visited our minister at his home to chat through the order of ceremony and get to know him a little more. I had been a little apprehensive for the ceremony but our Minister totally put our minds at ease. He’s a total character and I can’t wait for him to marry us on the day, I’m pretty certain he’ll have all of our guests in stitches. He even made Mike and I do the whole of the vows on Saturday which made us realise this sh*t is getting rrrrrreal, aha. I was pretty anxious about the ceremony (and standing up in front of 120 people – public speaking is not my strong point) but he put our minds at ease and now I’m even more excited about the wedding, if that’s possible…

After that we went to pick up our wedding rings as they were ready after being sent in to be resized. I’ve actually decided to get married with both my new wedding ring and a gold ring given to me by my Nan. It was her Aunt’s ring which was passed down to her so it has a lot of sentimental value.

I’m off for another dress fitting on Saturday with one of my bridesmaids, sister and Mum and this time, I’ll be trying on the real deal for the first time. Both nerve-wracking (what if I don’t like it?!) and exciting (I’m sure I’ll love it…) so wish me luck!

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