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Morning all! I hope your week is going well? Todays gorgeous wedding takes place at The Ashes in Leek. A stunning countryside venue full of character and decorated beautifully by today’s couple. Their theme was “things we like” and I think it turned out so so well. Lots of personality and colour, and Laura’s dress looks so pretty in the garden portraits. I accepted this submission mainly for the last couple of photos. Who doesn’t love a space hopper!?

photography | One Little Daisy 

LauraMark 002 LauraMark 006 LauraMark 008 LauraMark 014 thevenue

The Ashes Barns, Leek

LauraMark 020 LauraMark 023 thestationery

We handmade all the stationery ourselves. Our save the dates featured little 3D hot air balloons, as we met in Bristol, which is famous for it’s hot air balloon festival. The invites were a labour of love as they involved cutting out hundreds of mini pieces of bunting from the fabric we were using to decorate the outside of the wedding venue! We had a stamp made with our names on it that we used a lot on all the different stationary.

LauraMark 027 thedecor

As I kept saying to my mum, our theme was things that we like! I’m not sure there is anything else that ties together 300 origami cranes, 50 metres of bunting and 100 tiny gold animals wearing wellies.

LauraMark 047 LauraMark 049 LauraMark 066 LauraMark 069 LauraMark 074 LauraMark 075 LauraMark 077 LauraMark 082 LauraMark 087 LauraMark 100 thehair&makeup

The wonderful Gemma and Amy at Dollface Make Up Studio

LauraMark 105 LauraMark 107 LauraMark 120 LauraMark 122 LauraMark 128 LauraMark 129 LauraMark 137 LauraMark 143 LauraMark 147 LauraMark 148 THEGROOM

Navy blue wool three piece suit from Savoy Taylors Guild at Moss Bros

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Each groomsman wore their own navy blue suit but everyone wore the same dusky pink tie from M & S

LauraMark 151 LauraMark 156 LauraMark 159 LauraMark 162 LauraMark 164 LauraMark 198 LauraMark 200 LauraMark 202 thebride

Clementine by Naomi Neoh from the lovely ladies at Cicily Bridal

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – Veil from Cicily Bridal

LauraMark 204 LauraMark 214 LauraMark 220 LauraMark 228 LauraMark 230 LauraMark 234 LauraMark 243 LauraMark 249 LauraMark 251 LauraMark 268 LauraMark 277 LauraMark 278 LauraMark 281 LauraMark 282 LauraMark 283 LauraMark 309 LauraMark 311 LauraMark 316 thefood&drink

Jenkinsons Caterers

LauraMark 338 LauraMark 343 theflowers

We made all the bouquets, button holes and decorative flowers ourselves the day before the wedding. We had a lot of flowers from our garden but we topped them up with wholesale cut flowers from the Triangle nursery who were extremely helpful.


LauraMark 344 LauraMark 345 LauraMark 346 LauraMark 347 LauraMark 348 LauraMark 349 LauraMark 350 LauraMark 351 LauraMark 352 LauraMark 353 LauraMark 354 LauraMark 355 LauraMark 356 LauraMark 357 LauraMark 359 LauraMark 360 LauraMark 362 LauraMark 363 LauraMark 364 LauraMark 365 LauraMark 366 LauraMark 367 LauraMark 368 LauraMark 369 LauraMark 370 LauraMark 372 LauraMark 374 LauraMark 376 LauraMark 377 LauraMark 378 LauraMark 380 LauraMark 381 LauraMark 384 LauraMark 385 LauraMark 386 LauraMark 387 LauraMark 388 LauraMark 389 LauraMark 390 LauraMark 391 thebridesmaids

Mismatched dresses in a similar style but different dusky pastel colours, I brought them while I was on a work trip to the US from BHLDN.

LauraMark 392 LauraMark 395 LauraMark 398 LauraMark 401 LauraMark 409 LauraMark 414 LauraMark 432 THECAKE

A beautiful 3 tier naked cake homemade by Mark’s mum and decorated with fresh flowers on the day by my mum!

LauraMark 433 LauraMark 461 LauraMark 466 thefavours

As an icebreaker we gave everybody a scratch card at the tables. However a lot of people took the gold animals that were part of the table centerpieces home with them as an extra memento!

LauraMark 468 LauraMark 469 LauraMark 473 LauraMark 476 LauraMark 481 LauraMark 482 LauraMark 512 favouritemoment

I love making crafts so having an excuse to do that every weekend in the lead up to the wedding was brilliant, and making up the flowers the day before was my idea of heaven.

Our favourite part on the day was being surrounded by all our friends and family in the evening when the party was in full swing. Seeing the whole dance floor full of people with ties tied around their heads singing Africa by Toto will forever be a highlight for us!

LauraMark 518 LauraMark 519 LauraMark 520 LauraMark 521 LauraMark 522 LauraMark 523 LauraMark 524 LauraMark 525 theentertainment

The brilliant Synergy acoustic duo serenaded guests as they arrived at the venue and played during the ceremony, drinks reception and lunch. Sound Solutions DJs provided the music for the evening and they really got the party started. We also had an amazing photo booth from The Photo Booth Guys who came up all the way from London.




LauraMark 565 LauraMark 567 LauraMark 568 LauraMark 572 LauraMark 576 LauraMark 578 LauraMark 580 LauraMark 587 LauraMark 589 LauraMark 594 LauraMark 595 LauraMark 597 LauraMark 602 LauraMark 668 LauraMark 672advice

Try and enjoy every second of the planning because you won’t be doing it again! If it stresses you out, it isn’t worth doing it, so try not to worry about the things you can’t control. This is your day so don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions of what a ‘wedding day’ should be like.

Where did you find your inspiration? – A lot of pinterest time and looking at real wedding blogs

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