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I don’t think I’ve spoken about my engagement ring here on SYGM yet. Mike proposed with a seriously beautiful brilliant round diamond ring with a platinum band. I didn’t really have any idea of the kind of engagement ring I wanted before we were engaged; in fact it hadn’t really crossed my mind. I knew I wanted to marry Mike but hadn’t really put any thought into a ring. And I have to be honest, when he proposed; the last thing I thought about was looking at the ring. It was only once we were done screaming and jumping around the room that I actually sat down and looked at it and he couldn’t have done any better! It’s both simple and classic, and a damn good diamond (who doesn’t love a diamond?!) that I still can’t take my eyes off.

When it came to choosing our wedding rings, I wanted them to match my engagement ring which meant the choice was narrowed down quite considerably. Mike took me back to Prestons in Wilmslow where he had bought my engagement ring from, and I made the choice between a plain platinum band and a diamond platinum ring. And…I went for the diamond ring. I’m not a jewelry wearer at all usually (apart from a few silver hoop earrings and a plain nose ring) so I figured I might as well go all out on the wedding ring when it comes to the bling, right? Mike chose a plain band to match my wedding and engagement ring too and then we went out to celebrate with wine!

So the dress…I had in mind exactly what I wanted. I’d made Pinterest boards, printed moodboards and had a very clear vision as to the style, fabric, colour and fit of the dress I thought I wanted. I wanted to visit a designer I had found online, Emma Beaumont. I can’t remember exactly how I found her but after stumbling across her work, I thought her designs were amazing. Ideally I would have visited a bridal store beforehand to get a few ideas of cuts that were most suited to my shape but the first appointment I could get was after the one with Emma, so that was that.

Emma’s studio is based in the centre of Knutsford, a really pretty little town in Cheshire on the edge of Tatton Park. We were met by both Emma and her mum, told to take a seat in Emma’s gorgeous studio and offered a cup of tea and biscuits. I brought my printed moodboards with me to chat through my thoughts with Emma and we looked through folders and folders of fabric samples to determine the fabric I wanted. From that, Emma drew a quick sketch of everything I had imagined.

Whilst we were chatting, Emma talked us through some of her designs and showed us a mock up of a dress she had made for a previous client. My mum, Emma and her mum all encouraged me to try it on and initially not keen, I thought why the hell not! The minute I put it on I knew that the shape and style of it was ‘the one’. Although it was a mock up, it just felt perfect. However, it was the EXACT opposite of everything I had in mind and had planned out with Emma mere minutes before.

Once my mum and I left the studio we were super excited and couldn’t stop talking about this dress. We made our way over to The White Closet in Didsbury, Manchester to try some ready-made dresses on, though by this point I was already sold on Emma’s dress. I did try a few other styles on but dismissed every one of them almost immediately. I knew I had my dress back at Emma’s studio already.

Since then I’ve been back once more to chat through the finer details and take exact measurements. I’m back there in 4 weeks time to try on the actual dress for the first time and I, can’t, wait!

Emma’s told me to look for a pair of shoes to bring to the next appointment so I can try them on with the dress and be able to visualize the whole look together a bit. I’ve actually bought a pair of heels for £13 off eBay which I’ve asked Emma to customize for me so not only are we designing a dress, but pretty much the shoes too.

I did say in my last post I’d also cover my beauty prep up to this point. Well, so far I’ve been to the dentist for a good old platinum scale and polish, but also gone for an at-home tooth whitening treatment. I’ve got the teeth whitening trays and am already seeing a huge difference, and still have quite a few weeks of it to go. Then a couple of days before the wedding, I’ll just need to top up with a couple of nights sleeping in the trays again.

I’m also trying to grow my hair as I’ve no idea yet how I want to style it on the day, so figured I’ll try to grow it as long as I can and then decide. I’ve started taking cod liver oil tablets too in the hopes they might make my hair shinier and thicker over the next 6 months! It needs a good colour but I’ve not yet found a hairdresser I trust enough to colour it so just tend to colour it myself at home. Any hairdresser recommendations in the Manchester area would be much appreciated!

I’ve been invited to The Wedding Fair in Manchester this Saturday with my BFF who’s also getting married, a few months after mine in July next year so I’ll be reporting back next week.



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Heather Lodge //

Hi Holly, All sounds very exciting! My sister is a hairdresser and has just moved back to Manchester and is starting to do private clients on the side. She is currently Head of Colour at Paul Edmonds in London, but is in Manchester at weekends if you are interested. I’m getting married in June, and of course I’m biased, but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. Let me know if you’re interested and I can put you in touch. All the best, Heather.

Holly //

Hey Heather. That would be amazing if you could, I’ve lived here almost 3 years now and haven’t found anyone I’d go back to again, desperate for a good hairdresser! 🙂 You can get me on here or direct message me over on Insta @hollywoodcock. Thanks so much x