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Although I’ve written a lot about my wedding thoughts and feelings, I haven’t talked much about what I’ve actually been up to lately planning-wise.

That’s partly because I haven’t accomplished a ton—I’ve been pretty distracted lately, and wedding stuff has mostly been put on the back burner. I haven’t done anything about invitations, though we’re only six months out from the wedding (eek!), and though I think just about all my guests have been casually informed of the date and location my save-the-date emails are conspicuously tardy. I’d just as soon do the actual invitations via email, to be honest, but my mother thinks that’s tacky so we’ll probably do it the old-fashioned way.

I have done some things. The most exciting was my first dress real fitting—all of my second-guessing flew out the window once I stepped into my gown. I love how it’s looking so far, though I’m finding myself an unexpected dilemma: I’d been planning on going for tea-length, but the seamstress I’m working with has kept the skirt long so far with the idea that it’ll be easier to figure out how much to shorten it when it’s actually on. And I’m actually really liking it floor-length. I still think tea-length makes more sense, from a practical standpoint, given that I want to be able to walk (and dance) easily, and also that the ceremony will be outdoors. But I’m torn.

I also ordered my wedding shoes. I have super problem feet and can’t wear most heels, but I really wanted to find some that would work for the day since I think they’ll work better with my gown (especially if I do opt for Plan A and go tea-length). And I did, at LaDuca, an awesome dance shoe shop in NYC. I’m going for t-straps with a chunky heel in a shimmery platinum-gold finish that are somehow both elegant and easy to move in.

We’ve booked a hotel in Oxford for the nights before and after the wedding. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve stayed at a hotel, aside from a couple of work trips, and I’m pretty excited for this one. We’re in a suite with a huge beautiful bathtub; what could be better?

After some frustrating attempts to find a florist who could provide a bridal bouquet and literally any kind of table décor for the amount we’d budgeted—in accordance with my pledge to blog my wedding budget, I will tell you it is £500—I’ve turned over flower duty to my mother. Ben and I were willing to scrap the florals altogether, but my mom didn’t like that idea and kindly offered to take over. It looks like we might be going for some kind of combo of arranged and DIY (which is a little tricky logistically, but I’m hoping we can recruit some friends to volunteer if need be), just a bouquet for me and some very simple flowers in mason jars for the tables.

One piece of advice I’d like to share with all you brides-to-be is to try to price out the smaller costs (which, depending on your wedding, could include things like flowers, hair and/or makeup, entertainment, cake) before you commit to the big stuff, like venue and catering—and how many guests to invite. As I’m sure you all know, a lot of wedding vendors’ websites frustratingly don’t include anything in the way of pricing information. Florists seem especially bad about this, and while I get that flowers are an area in which costs can vary hugely, it’d be nice to at least see a minimum spend or average range or something. In the absence of this, I’d assumed that £500—a not insignificant sum—would be sufficient for my needs, given that I don’t need a lot of arrangements, or elaborate ones, and am very much willing to work with what’s in season and affordable. I’m not saying we would’ve made different decisions if we’d known this wasn’t the case—and in fact I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have—but it just would’ve been nice to know earlier on.

Ben and I are officially opening my immigration application this weekend. I have a perhaps not entirely rational fear of all things bureaucratic, and I’m feeling more than a little stressed about this whole process. Wish us luck!

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practicallyperfectineveryway //

Good luck with the immigration thing! It’s so much paperwork but will be worth it!

Also we’re only doing bouquets and stuff, barely any floral decorations. So the DIY in mason jars sounds perfectly fine and I’d be impressed as a guest!