Celebrate all the mothers of brides this Sunday – #SAVEMOTHERSDAY

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Celebrate all the mothers of brides this Sunday – #SAVEMOTHERSDAY

Just a little reminder it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! Don’t forget to give a little extra love and attention to your mum – spend some time with her and include her in your weekend wedding prep. For those of you who are scouting the country up and down for your dress, share the love on social media and post a photo of you and your mum during this exciting time. We’d love to see your progress!

Whatever you are doing this Mother’s Day – wedding bits or otherwise – by posting a picture of you and your mum, your partner or you and the kids, you can help champion Mothers in the UK and Africa by supporting Amref Health Africa and using the hashtag #SAVEMOTHERSDAY.

Once you have done this, you can then then check out the digital gallery at www.savemothersday.co.uk. There you’ll be able to spot your mum, find out more information about the campaign and donate to the cause.

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Did you know?

Every 3 minutes a mother dies through pregnancy and childbirth in Africa.

With basic healthcare we all take for granted, many more would survive.

In Britain, a woman could expect to see a trained midwife no less than 12 times during pregnancy. In many African countries, the situation is very different. Just 50% of all pregnant women will see a trained professional for up to four antenatal visits. Many more will see no one at all. This means fewer chances to prepare for the birth and for complications to be spotted and treated.  Amref Health Africa is making childbirth safer for African mothers, training midwives, giving women the information they need to have healthy families and providing the medical equipment needed for women to deliver safely.

Commenting on the campaign, Frances Longley, Chief Executive of Amref Health Africa UK, said:

“Celebrating our mums is what Mother’s Day is all about. Many new mums in Africa do not have access to even basic healthcare and their lives are in danger. Amref Health Africa want the public to help us change this, ensuring childbirth is a source of celebration, rather than heartbreak across these remote regions.”


Now I need to find a decent picture of my mum and I to add! One of my resolutions for the year was to work with more charities, I think it would be absent minded of me not to use the platform I have to help spread the messages of different charities with you guys. If you work with or feel passionately about a certain charity, please do feel free to get in touch and we can discuss working together.

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