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The real wedding game is strong this week. Today’s is another stunner. Camilla’s gorgeous Kate Halfpenny dress is set off to perfect with blush pink shoes. Camilla’s mum grew the flowers in a cutting garden for the wedding, she then got a florist friend to help arrange the bouquet. I also really agree with Camilla about perfume and weddings, I think you will think so too? If not, it is still an excuse to smell some lovely fragrances.

photography | Corrado Chiozzi

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-2 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-3 thebride

My dress was designed by Kate Halfpenny, and made at her beautiful boutique in Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury. 

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: When I chose my dress at the Halfpenny boutique, I tried it on with the most delicate and beautiful veil, which had a stunning French lace edging to it, and I decided to simply have this in my hair for the day. Shoes were Dune. 

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-4 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-5 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-7 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-8 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-9 thehair&makeup

One of my mother’s closest friends, and a wonderful friend of my own, is a superb make-up artist for film and television.  She very kindly said she would do my hair and make up for the wedding day, which was so wonderful.  I have known her for so long and it was just so lovely to have her with me while I was getting ready.  I wanted to go for very natural make-up so I still felt myself on the day and she did everything I had hoped for.  My dress had a deep-V back, and I felt that, in order to make the most of this, I wanted to have my hair off my shoulders and so I had it pinned up quite low at the back.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-10 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-11 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-12 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-13 theperfume

One of my closest friends, Ellie, got married last year, and I had the privilege of being one of her bridesmaids.   She did something that I thought was such a lovely idea, that I vowed to do it myself for my own wedding day.  She said that she thought it would be special to choose a unique perfume for the wedding day and honeymoon; one that felt very ‘you’ but was not your usual scent.  That way, whenever you smell it throughout your life together, it will bring you straight back to your wedding day.  I loved this idea, and so did the same.  I love Jo Malone fragrances, and chose her ‘English Pear and Freesia’ perfume for the wedding.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-14 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-15 theflowers

The flowers were mainly grown in my parent’s garden.  When we got engaged, my mother created a special ‘picking garden’ where she could grow flowers for the wedding and practice flower arrangements.    She then worked with her amazingly talented friend, who is a trained florist, who did the bouquets and table arrangements on the day.  We used flowers from both of the gardens to get a variety.  We used hydrangeas, roses, lavender, stocks, and eucalyptus leaves as foliage.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-16 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-17 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-18 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-19 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-20 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-21 thebridesmaids

My two beautiful sisters were my bridesmaids, and they wore different variations on the same dress.  They both wore full length, silk, navy blue Ghost dresses, which had different tops.  We liked the idea of them being able to wear a dress that they loved, and which in some way expressed their differences, instead of making them wear identical outfits.    They chose their own shoes, and both wore their own, very delicate necklaces.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-22 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-23 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-24 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-25 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-26 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-27 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-28 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-29 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-30 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-31 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-32 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-33 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-34 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-35 thevenue

Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, Mayfair, London

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-36 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-37 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-38 favouritemoment

When the ceremony had just finished and our witnesses were called up to come and sign the Register with us, I turned around to see all of our lovely guests.  Seeing all of those faces looking at us, all of them looking so happy, was truly wonderful.  It was completely overwhelming, and I was almost taken aback as I saw people, realizing that all of these people are so special to us, and they had all made such an effort to be there to celebrate with us.  I couldn’t stop smiling, and that moment was just so very happy.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-39 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-40 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-41 THEGROOM

Mark’s suit was a traditional Ascot morning suit, which he got at Lipman and Sons in the West End.  He wore a navy blue tie, and black shoes,  Both of our fathers, and his brother, the Best Man, wore the same suits.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-42 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-43 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-44 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-45 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-46 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-47 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-48 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-49 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-50 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-51 thefood&drink

The caterers at Dartmouth House are Leiths, and so they did the food which was fantastic.  We had canapés and champagne in the courtyard after the ceremony, and then a three course meal in the house in the evening.  We had salmon to start, followed by guinea fowl, and a lemon tart for desert.  We decided the buy the drinks ourselves, and bring them to the venue.  For the champagne, we chose Canard Duchene, and we go tour wine from The Wine Society, choosing a Pinot Noir  and a Muscadet.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-52 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-53 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-54 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-55 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-57 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-58 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-59 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-60 THECAKE

We got our cake from Bea’s of Bloomsbury, and it was a vanilla Victoria Sponge filled with fresh cream and raspberry jam.  They have so many beautiful cake designs, but we went for their Hampstead cake.  It was absolutely delicious.  My mother and I made a cake topper using silk flowers, which we used to decorate the cake.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-61 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-62 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-63 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-64 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-65 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-66 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-67 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-68 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-69 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-70 thedecor

We didn’t have a theme, but wanted to go for quite delicate colours, and simple ideas, so it did not feel too fussy or over the top.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-71 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-72 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-73 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-74 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-76 theentertainment

A friend of ours is a professional DJ and so he did the wedding music for us, which was fantastic.  He was absolutely brilliant, and so accommodating, letting us create the entire playlist, so we knew that each and every song was one we loved. Our first dance was to Louis Armstrong’s ‘Hello Dolly.’  As the guests were arriving at the wedding, we had a pianist.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-77 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-78 thehoneymoon

The day after the wedding, we went on the Eurostar to Aix-en-Provence, which was simply heaven.

Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-79 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-80 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-81 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-82 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-83 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-84 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-85 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-86 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-87 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-88 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-89 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-90 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-91 Camilla-Mark-(Chiozzi)-92advice

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding, is who you and your fiancé really are, what you really like.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of doing things because you think you need to, or because they are the done thing at weddings.  My mother and I took the lead with planning our wedding, and with each decision that needed to be made, we gave it such careful thought and consideration.  You must not feel that you have to do anything – it needs to be right for you, and be a reflection of who you are as a couple.  That way, you remain yourselves on the day, and I think that makes it a very relaxed and happy affair

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