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Fay and Shane-69

Fay and Shane received the exciting news that they were expecting half way through their wedding planning. They had to reassess where they would be spending their money, and where they could save. Fay knew that photography and flowers weren’t something she was going to cut down on, but the couple managed to find some brilliant cost saving tips along the way. I am loving the bridesmaids in blush, the florals are gorgeous and the venue is incredible!

photography | Babb Photo

Fay and Shane-1 Fay and Shane-2 Fay and Shane-3 theflowers

I love flowers and to me it was important that I found the right florist. I quickly found out that flowers aren’t cheap so I felt I may as well find the right florist for me and have only what we could afford. If that meant just a bouquet for me and a button hole for Shane then so be it. Like I said earlier I think quality is more important than quantity. I found our florist Emily Wisher Artisan Florist on Rock my Wedding and after having a consultation with her, which included a pot of tea and homemade biscuits I knew she had to do our flowers. Our styles matched perfectly and she totally got my vision. She was enthusiastic and creative. A complete pleasure to work with. We ended up having more flowers than I ever thought we’d be able to have, which was also a bonus!

Fay and Shane-4 Fay and Shane-5 Fay and Shane-7 Fay and Shane-8 Fay and Shane-9 thebridesmaids

The bridesmaid dresses were from Miss Selfridge. They looked gorgeous. The dress was very flattering on all of them.

Fay and Shane-10 Fay and Shane-11 Fay and Shane-12 Fay and Shane-13 thebride

I wore a Sophia Tolli dress. It was the second dress I tried on and I knew it was the right one for me straight away. I wanted to stay very simple with accessories and jewellery. Fashion and styles date and I wanted something simple and timeless. I decided to just stick with some crystal stud earrings from Accessorize. For my shoes I figured comfort was important as I would be walking around the streets of Digbeth having photos taken. I just had some navy sling backs from BHS.

Fay and Shane-14 Fay and Shane-15 Fay and Shane-16 thevenue

We got married at St Hilda’s Church in Smethwick and we had our reception at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham. I’ve always imagined I’d get married in a church, I love the vows in a Church wedding service and I love the history behind them, the fact that for hundreds of years couples have been saying the same vows to each other and making the same promises.

Fay and Shane-17 Fay and Shane-18 Fay and Shane-19 Fay and Shane-20 Fay and Shane-21 Fay and Shane-22 THEGROOM

The men wore slim fit dark blue suites from Next. 

Fay and Shane-23 Fay and Shane-24 Fay and Shane-25 Fay and Shane-26 Fay and Shane-27 Fay and Shane-28 Fay and Shane-29 Fay and Shane-30 Fay and Shane-31 Fay and Shane-32 Fay and Shane-33 Fay and Shane-34 Fay and Shane-35 Fay and Shane-36 Fay and Shane-37 Fay and Shane-38 Fay and Shane-39 Fay and Shane-40 Fay and Shane-41 Fay and Shane-42 Fay and Shane-43 Fay and Shane-44 Fay and Shane-45 Fay and Shane-46 Fay and Shane-47 Fay and Shane-48 Fay and Shane-49 Fay and Shane-50 Fay and Shane-51 Fay and Shane-52 Fay and Shane-53 Fay and Shane-54 Fay and Shane-55 Fay and Shane-56 Fay and Shane-57 Fay and Shane-58 thedecor

We didn’t have a theme as such. We love Sixties style and that was a big inspiration for the mens suits. We kept everything quite neutral. The bridesmaid dresses were a creamy colour with a hint of gold running through. Our colour scheme was blush, navy and gold. But it was very subtle.

We kept decoration quite minimal and let the beautiful venue speak for itself. I collected a few things to display flowers in from charity shops in the build up to the wedding, like the cake table had little pressed glass vases filled with one or two flowers and a few candles. Outside hanging from one of the trees in the courtyard our florist made us a floral hoop to display our menu.

Fay and Shane-59 Fay and Shane-60 Fay and Shane-61 Fay and Shane-62 Fay and Shane-63 Fay and Shane-64 Fay and Shane-65 Fay and Shane-66 Fay and Shane-67 Fay and Shane-68 Fay and Shane-69 thephotographer

I spent ages looking for a photographer, there’s so much choice but I’d say 85% of the photographers I found offer the same kind of thing. And it wasn’t what we were looking for. I decided one night to look for a photographer that travelled the country rather than just local to the west midlands and that’s when I found Babb Photo. I looked through her gallery and fell in love with the images. The photos I saw captured feeling, they were creative and not cheesy in the slightest. Shane and I hate having our photos taken, we have the most unnatural awkward photo faces.  A lot of Laura’s photos aren’t staged. There more about capturing moments as they happen. So unnatural awkwardly posed photos wasn’t something we would have to worry about if Laura did our photos. I remember when I contacted her she was away so couldn’t get back to us straight away and I spent the weekend torturing myself  looking through her galleries and reading her blogs falling more and more in love with her work. Luckily for us when she got back and replied our date was free and she said she would love to photograph around Digbeth. Laura was amazing to work with, and me and Shane actually loved having our photos taken.

Fay and Shane-70 Fay and Shane-71 Fay and Shane-72 Fay and Shane-73 Fay and Shane-74 Fay and Shane-75 Fay and Shane-76 Fay and Shane-77 Fay and Shane-78 Fay and Shane-79 Fay and Shane-80 Fay and Shane-81 favouritemoment

For me my favourite part of the day was having our photos taken around Digbeth. We really enjoyed it and it was nice to have that time together. Another highlight was near the end of the night when me and Shane crowd surfed to Take That’s “Never Forget”, we felt like rock stars.

For Shane it was our “last dance” we didn’t want to have a first dance as we didn’t like the thought of everyone staring at us. Towards the end of the night Shane requested Ed Sheeran’s “thinking out loud” as the lyrics really sum up our feeling for each other. All the couples danced with us but only Shane and I knew that it was our special song. It felt really intimate considering we were in the middle of a dancefloor surrounded by other couples.

Fay and Shane-82 Fay and Shane-83 Fay and Shane-84 Fay and Shane-85 Fay and Shane-86 thefood&drink

We had a British and Caribbean BBQ in the day time and on the night we had fish finger sandwiches and bacon rolls. It was lovely as it was informal and our guests could mingle and sit where they liked.

Fay and Shane-87 Fay and Shane-88 Fay and Shane-89 Fay and Shane-90 Fay and Shane-91 Fay and Shane-92 Fay and Shane-93 Fay and Shane-94 Fay and Shane-95 Fay and Shane-96 Fay and Shane-97 Fay and Shane-98 Fay and Shane-99 Fay and Shane-100 Fay and Shane-101 Fay and Shane-102 Fay and Shane-103 Fay and Shane-104 Fay and Shane-105 Fay and Shane-106 Fay and Shane-107 Fay and Shane-108 Fay and Shane-109 Fay and Shane-110 THECAKE

We decided from the start that we liked the idea of having doughnuts rather than a big elaborate cake. We liked the fact that our guests could just go and help themselves and choose which ever flavour they wanted. It also saved us some money as it was a cheaper option than having a big cake. We just had one cake made for us to cut that a lady I work with made for us. I bought our cake topper from Etsy.

Fay and Shane-111 Fay and Shane-112advice

Our biggest piece of advice is don’t over complicate the day. Make a note of what’s important to you and focus on getting that right, everything else just keep simple. Don’t create more unnecessary stress for yourself.

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