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As part of my job I book and work with lots of fashion photographers and videographers on a daily basis so already had in mind the type of team I wanted on board for the wedding when it came to the imagery and video.

A photographer friend of mine recommended I check out Dale Weeks work and as soon as I looked at his site, I knew his raw, reportage style photography was the one. We’re not really fans of the cheesy wedding photography style which can be quite posed so Dale seemed perfect. I got in touch and he was available, win!


I know some people don’t go for a videographer but it wasn’t something I was willing to compromise on. I really want a video that we can watch over and over for years to come together. Dale recommended a sister duo called the Costa Sisters who he had worked with before. I checked out their site and was hooked, there was no way I couldn’t have these girls! Their video style is so cool and I love the tracks they use alongside the moving images too.

So with both the photographer and videographers now booked and on board, I’m certain we’ve got the perfect team and can’t wait to see the final results post-wedding. I’ve also been pinning some wedding photography inspo if you want to check the board out here. I’m hoping for lots of candid, natural shots and might enforce a no pose rule…

So now I have the venue, photographer, videographer, registrar and minister booked, as well as chairs ordered, favours on the way (my lovely Aunt will be making them) and stationary and dress in the process of being made, I thought I’d give a few tips on how I’ve handled (and really enjoyed!) the planning process so far….

Soak it up

First thing’s first, when you get engaged, everyone wants to congratulate you. I say milk it and happily accept all the offers of champagne! You won’t get the same chance again…

The budget

My mum and I created a live excel sheet on Microsoft365 to track all estimated and actual costs, when deposits have been paid and when the next payments need to be made. Every time the sheet is updated, whoever the document has been shared with can instantly see the update. My mum and I have worked quite closely on the budget so it’s saved a lot of back and forth with the usual spreadsheets via email! We’ve also used it when amending the guest list and addresses.

Wedding website

If you can, I’d definitely recommend creating a wedding website to house all the info your guests might need in the run up to the wedding. I used WordPress to create ours, which I found really easy to use (though I’m quite good when it comes to technical stuff). I’ve included info such as travel, accommodation, menus, RSVPs, gift list, reception, ceremony and FAQs, and included the URL on the save the date cards so guests can log in whenever they want to.

List everything

Whether you like a list or not, there’s no avoiding them when it comes to wedding planning. I split the lists up into key categories e.g. decor, food, wedding attire, legal stuff, visuals, entertainment, stationary and miscellaneous.

The politics

Every single website I’ve read so far with advice on planning a wedding tell me to just do what I want, ‘it’s my wedding after all’. I disagree, I think the day is all about getting your closest friends and family together, and it’s a big day for them too. I’ve had a lot of opinions come at me, which I’ve taken on board and thought about, rather than just dismiss and instead do what I want. I say embrace the opinions, you want them to have just as good a day as you too, right? And who knows, they might have ideas you hadn’t thought about.

Wedding email address

I made a wedding email account to contact all of our suppliers with. It means I won’t get wedding spam in my usual inbox after the wedding and all the details I need are in one place, rather than sifting through wedding emails mixed with the usual emails.

My main advice would be just to be organized. I’m a really organized person anyway and I love to plan so it kinda came naturally…just make lots of spreadsheets and lots of lists and you’ll be fine!


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