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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Merry Wednesday lovely reader. Week progressing OK? I am currently writing this up whilst wrapped in a multitude of layers so its always nice to blog a pretty, sunny wedding. Alice and Will’s day was exceptionally relaxed, full of lots of personal details. I love that Will wore a tux. There needs to be more tuxes at weddings.

photography | Viva La Wedding

Alice-Will-LowRes001 Alice-Will-LowRes005 Alice-Will-LowRes013 thehair&makeup

Hair by Amber Owens 

MUA: Molly Field  http://mollysbeautylife.blogspot.co.uk/

Alice-Will-LowRes015 Alice-Will-LowRes016 Alice-Will-LowRes019 Alice-Will-LowRes020 thebride

Dress from Love Bridal Boutique – http://lovebridalboutique.co.uk/

Designer: http://www.heritagebrides.co.uk/

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Jenny Packham – http://www.jennypackham.com/

Alice-Will-LowRes021 Alice-Will-LowRes023 Alice-Will-LowRes025 Alice-Will-LowRes026 Alice-Will-LowRes028 theflowers

The Flower Lounge – http://www.didsburyflowerlounge.co.uk/

Alice-Will-LowRes029 Alice-Will-LowRes030 Alice-Will-LowRes031 Alice-Will-LowRes032 thestationery

Gemma from Betsy Button

Alice-Will-LowRes033 Alice-Will-LowRes034 Alice-Will-LowRes035 Alice-Will-LowRes040 Alice-Will-LowRes042 Alice-Will-LowRes047 Alice-Will-LowRes054 Alice-Will-LowRes055 Alice-Will-LowRes058 Alice-Will-LowRes061 Alice-Will-LowRes062 Alice-Will-LowRes067 Alice-Will-LowRes070 Alice-Will-LowRes072 Alice-Will-LowRes074 thebridesmaidsAll were from Monsoon.

Alice-Will-LowRes076 Alice-Will-LowRes077 Alice-Will-LowRes080 Alice-Will-LowRes092 THEGROOMSuit was from Whitfield and Ward and the shoes were Hugo Boss

Alice-Will-LowRes099 Alice-Will-LowRes100 Alice-Will-LowRes101 Alice-Will-LowRes107 Alice-Will-LowRes129 Alice-Will-LowRes132 Alice-Will-LowRes135 Alice-Will-LowRes136 Alice-Will-LowRes141 Alice-Will-LowRes147 thevenue

Didsbury House Hotel and Eleven Didsbury Park

Alice-Will-LowRes149 Alice-Will-LowRes155 Alice-Will-LowRes167 Alice-Will-LowRes168 Alice-Will-LowRes179 Alice-Will-LowRes184 Alice-Will-LowRes186 Alice-Will-LowRes194 theentertainment

String quartet- Dotted Crotchets

DJ – Antony Perella

Jazz singer – Conal Duffy

Classical guitar player – Paul Martin and James Field

Saxophonist – Dax on sax

Magician – Sam Fitton

Ice cream Cart- The vintage icedreamexperience

 Light up Letters: http://www.thewordislove.co.uk/

Alice-Will-LowRes195 Alice-Will-LowRes200 Alice-Will-LowRes202 Alice-Will-LowRes206 Alice-Will-LowRes208 Alice-Will-LowRes213 Alice-Will-LowRes218 Alice-Will-LowRes220 Alice-Will-LowRes223 Alice-Will-LowRes227 Alice-Will-LowRes233 Alice-Will-LowRes234 Alice-Will-LowRes237 Alice-Will-LowRes239 Alice-Will-LowRes243 Alice-Will-LowRes244 thefavours

I had tissues made in little personalised boxes for the ceremony, I had wooden fans out during the ceremony too as it was so hot! We also did personalised chocolates for after the meal and then the trusty box of flip flops for the evening ( which went down a treat) 

Alice-Will-LowRes245 Alice-Will-LowRes249 Alice-Will-LowRes254 Alice-Will-LowRes259 THECAKE

Wedding cake by Keeley from Dottie’s PantryOther cakes by And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon.

Alice-Will-LowRes265 Alice-Will-LowRes271 Alice-Will-LowRes276 Alice-Will-LowRes290 Alice-Will-LowRes299 Alice-Will-LowRes313 Alice-Will-LowRes317 Alice-Will-LowRes323 Alice-Will-LowRes325 Alice-Will-LowRes330 Alice-Will-LowRes334 Alice-Will-LowRes336 Alice-Will-LowRes340 Alice-Will-LowRes342 Alice-Will-LowRes344 Alice-Will-LowRes346 Alice-Will-LowRes347 Alice-Will-LowRes350 Alice-Will-LowRes356 Alice-Will-LowRes359 Alice-Will-LowRes361 Alice-Will-LowRes363 Alice-Will-LowRes364 Alice-Will-LowRes366 Alice-Will-LowRes368 Alice-Will-LowRes373 Alice-Will-LowRes377 Alice-Will-LowRes379 Alice-Will-LowRes382 Alice-Will-LowRes390 favouritemoment

Arhh! So many … It has to be meeting Will at the end of the aisle, it was just perfect. Receiving my flowers in the room before the ceremony was amazing, they were exactly how I pictured them.

Alice-Will-LowRes392 Alice-Will-LowRes396 Alice-Will-LowRes397 Alice-Will-LowRes398 Alice-Will-LowRes399 Alice-Will-LowRes404 Alice-Will-LowRes408 Alice-Will-LowRes411 Alice-Will-LowRes413 Alice-Will-LowRes420 thehoneymoon

We flew to Orlando for two weeks and were big kids then we flew to Miami for a week for some relaxation! It was perfect! 

Alice-Will-LowRes423 Alice-Will-LowRes426 Alice-Will-LowRes429 Alice-Will-LowRes430 advice

Make it personal! Everything! The day is about you two so let it reflect that, don’t get sucked into the idea that you have to follow certain traditions or lay out of the day. It’s your day make it about everything you love, which for us was music, food and family. 

Where did you find your inspiration? I found a lot of inspiration from Instagram! I knew I wanted a relaxed summer time BBQ wedding so I used things like #diywedding #summerwedding #relaxedwedding. And then the fabulous Pinterest of course! 

Alice and Will – The Wedding Film. from Viva La Wedding on Vimeo.


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Steven Jared //

This summer wedding was way too gorgeous. I am in love with these brilliant wedding snaps. At some outdoor LA venues I am also going to get married in this year. I am really excited about the charming wedding decorations for my fall themed ceremony.