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Do you ever get to the end of your week and think…what the hell did I do with my week? That’s definitely happened. Work wise it has been rather crazy. I find that blogging definitely comes in waves, everything either happens all at once or not at all. There are days where I am begging for emails to ping in to my inbox just so I have things to do, other days I am hiding under my duvet wishing magic would take care of everything. I am such an adult. 


I am definitely feeling better after kidneygate last week (though at the time of writing this I have a tummy bug! Ha). The flowers I picked up from Netto are still going strong. The house is finally tidy (I never clean when I feel under the weather, surely its not just me that does that?)


I failed on pancake day, couldn’t locate the buckwheat flour I bought (or the gluten free flour) so I made these oat cookies instead. They are SO easy. The pack comes from Delicious Alchemy. You add a little melted butter (I add a tsp of cinnamon and ginger, sometimes chocolate, sometimes raisins you get the jist) add that to the dried mix. Divide, roll in to little balls, flatter a bit and bake for 18mins. Gluten free goodness and hit a craving itch. Oh, yeah I am dieting by the way. I have my birthday and two weddings in the next 6 weeks. I lost a bit whilst I was ill so trying to keep a little momentum. I say dieting, I am eating healthier and moving more. Trying not to eat chocolate everyday.


On Wednesday Geoff, my sister’s dog came to stay. Also a schnauzer, just cut differently. We have had 4 schnauzers and they all have the same weird (cute) characteristics. He follows around like Atticus, even when bathing. You can smother them in love and they adore it. They like to be close at all times. Atticus is obsessed with Geoff. He watches him non stop.


When sleeping…


and when eating…


On Friday, Miller was at a stag do so rather than go out, I opted for a night alone. I drank wine, listened to music, played Call of Duty and started re-watching New Girl. I had some potential bad work news that day (think I may have lost a deal). These things can be hard when you run your own business because you don’t really have anyone to blame but yourself. I drowned my sorrows in a jar of Nutella…diet going well.


Saturday, I ran some errands then met my sister for a gin. I picked her up some flowers and a card for Valentines. Geoff joined us. He is a good pub dog. Atticus isn’t, he often shits on the floor.


That brings us to today! Valentines. Cute card from Knots and Kisses. We don’t really celebrate it, just kind of acknowledge it. I think this is our 10th or 11th together, we usually do a card and dinner. Atticus also gets in on the love. I realise this blog post has been rather dog heavy!


I have made some heart shaped gluten free flapjack type things ready for the week (recipe will be on the blog soon). I always have to have something sweet after dinner and this is the best compromise for me. The Tilbury ‘between the sheets’ is actually very pretty. I thought it was a bit meh to begin with.


Us, like many others up and down the UK were indulging in the M&S £20 dine in for two. Oyster salmon thing, pretty tasteless. I wanted one since Christmas. Steak was yummy, dessert was prosecco/raspberry parfait type thing. I didn’t have it due to dodgy stomach but Michael said it was OK. We were limited to the gluten free options, which, for M&S were few and far between this year.

I’ve bought some new skin care bits which will arrive this week. Some from Tata Harper, Sunday Riley and La Roche Posay. Will update you on those. I hope you have a lovely week. If you love Jenny Packham then check out the SYGM insta as we have a front row seat at New York Fashion Week. A big moment for the blog! There is also our first vlog to watch if you like that kind of thing. Lots of blue sea and sandy beaches.

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