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Whether it’s the end of a long week, the end of a heavy weekend or even the night or week before your Wedding day, there is nothing like pampering yourself – taking some time out to create some space alone, away from your stresses and leave your thoughts at the door for a while.

I have never been particularly good at relaxing – I struggle to switch off, am a terrible sleeper and have been ever since I can remember – but I do increasingly see why it’s so important to at least try to do so. When your brain is overloaded it becomes difficult to gather perspective, it decreases your coping skills and definitely impacts on your quality of life, so make it’s definitely worth trying to make sure (especially if you are planning a wedding alongside all of life’s usual business!) you give yourself a break at least once a week. Here’s a selection of my favourite beauty products to help relaxation along a little when it doesn’t come naturally!


Clarins Relax Concentrate Bath and Shower

This “concentrated cleansing treatment” is activated by warm water, which in turn releases the scents of basil, chamomile and Petit Grain. Great for those who aren’t fans of bath oils, but love to add something to their bathtime which helps soothe aching muscles. This smells like a warm herbal steam bath – no sweet smells here – and your man will love it after a long hard day too.


Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

This is a cult beauty product with a hero status – and with good reason too. This is a pre shampoo treatment which helps to stop hair breakage, and gives a shot of moisture to hair without leaving a heavy residue which can weigh down fine hair (like mine). You’ll be left with healthy, easy to manage hair which has a natural shine. Apply to damp hair for 20 minutes once a week (very damaged hair can sleep in it!) and prepare to be impressed!



Eve Lom Cleansing Balm

Ok, I know I have mentioned this a few times before, but I just love it so much! If you are a face wipes girl I insist you stop (seriously, stop!) immediately scouring your make up off your face and invest in an amazing cleanser which makes taking make up off of an evening a pleasure, like this does.  This is a solid cleanser which melts onto the skin once massaged in, which you then remove with a muslin cloth and warm water. My skin has been so much clearer since I’ve been using this every night – if you wear a lot of long lasting or waterproof makeup this gets off every last scrap. Plus eucalyptus and clove oil mean it smells amazing. Read the reviews if you don’t believe me!

Olverum Bath Oil

This is a beautiful unisex bath oil which contains 10 relaxing oils to help to help to naturally relieve stress. This is perfect if you have aching, tired muscles, are feeling the beginnings of a cold or are just feeling generally exhausted – with eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, juniper and verbena amongst the essential oils, both you and your other half will feel ready for a good nights sleep after a soak in this, which doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin either.

Vitamin E Body Scrub

Jo Malone London Vitamin E Treatment Body Scrub

This is without doubt my favourite scrub – you never need to moisturise afterwards, and the brown sugar granules leave the skin polished and soft, with a radiant glow. With Vitamin E, jojoba oil, whatgerm oil, and shea butter your skin will love you for this, and a little goes a very long way, so it’s a product which really lasts. Plus the smell! Think honey, almonds, vanilla, shea – sweet, but grown-up-sweet, with a heady warmth which softly fragrances the skin for hours. If you love JML fragrances like Orange  Blossom, Vanilla and Anise, and Nectarine Blossom and Honey you will adore this –  a perfect accompaniment.


Neom Reed Diffusers

I love everything I’ve tried from Neom so far, and my gorgeous Happiness candle is still going strong, but I’m so impressed by the diffusers. They look beautiful, and give out natural essential oil based scent which is never overpowering but which always greets you when you walk past it! This Moment of Calm ~ Rose and Neroli is gorgeous, and it’s currently in their January sale too.


Not beauty related, but I really love this mindfulness App – ironically as well as helping me switch off, this literally sends me to sleep almost every time I listen to it! It’s a great way to use your phone to do exactly the opposite of what it does for us most of the time – shut out the “noise” and focus, and it only requires 10 minutes of time a day.  Either this or a book is literally the only way I can ever fall asleep!

Yoga With Adriene

Another digital choice, Adriene has an amazing array of yoga YouTube videos for different moods, times of day, capabilities – whatever you fancy. She’s super cool, fun and “normal”, which definitely won me over as I love yoga but hate the sometimes pretentious instructors you encounter! Try Yoga for Anxiety and Stress, Quick Stress Fix or challenge yourself to a month with 30 days of Yoga – videos which range from 5 mins through to 40- and enjoy focusing on nothing but your own rhythmic movements and breathing.


Writing about all my favourites I’ve inspired myself to go and take a long bath now! I hope this helps some of you to switch off and feel fabulous – if you have any tips or products to aid relaxation I’d love to hear them.

Emily x

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