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I am such a bad blogger. I can never choose a small selection of images, especially when it comes to Charlotte Balbier’s dresses. Her new separates collection is gorgeous. A very big trend for 2016, bridal two pieces are very much in fashion. An excellent choice if you want the diversity but not keen on showing off your midriff. I am in LOVE with Tempest. 

AW 1237 Sash

Say hello to Tempest, Harper, Sloane, Rebel, Flynn, Hero, Cecily, Cosima, Langley, Blythe & Fawn… The New Charlotte Balbier Bridal Separates Collection….

Charlotte Balbier is famous for always celebrating a bride’s individuality and style and sometimes….. just sometimes breaking all the bridal rules!  Due to huge demand it’s with great delight the new Balbier SEPERATES collection is now here.

11 inter-changeable separates all designed for the bride to build and create her own individual look. Maybe a satin slip with a lace topper and satin sash? or a ball gown skirt, crop top and lace reverse bolero? Whatever your personality, style and look the new separates collection offers a diverse way of creating your very own bridal look.

AW 1252  Belt AW1251 Sash Belle Belt Blythe Sash & Sweetpea Brooch Blythe Sash CB 55 Sash Cecily 2 Cecily 3 Cecily 4 Cecily Slip Cosima Cami Fawn & 1253 Sash Fawn & 1254 Sash Fawn & Harper Fawn & Sash 1253 Fawn Topper Over Harper Slip Fawn, Harper & 1253 Sash Fawn, Harper, 1254 Sash Flynn Flynn & Harper Back Flynn & Harper Slip Flynn & Harper Freya Rose Harper & Fawn Harper & Sloane Harper & Tempest (1) Harper & Tempest Harper Slip Harper, Langley & 1254  Sash Harper Hero & Cosima Langley Lace Topper over Harper slip Langley, 1254 Sash and Harper Langley, Harper & 1254 Sash Langley, Harper Slip & 1254 Sash Langley, Harper, 1254 Sash Langley Sloane & Harper Sloane Lace Topper Overy Harper Slip Tempest (1) Tempest & 1252 Sash Tempest & Harper (1) Tempest & Harper Tempest Lace Tempest Topper & Cosim, Tempest Topper Cosima Skirt Tempest, 1252 Sash & Harper Tempest, Harper & 1252 Sash Tempest

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practicallyperfectineveryway //

Oh no! I looked on their website and found my dream dress but (hard to tell because it doesn’t say) looking around the shops that carry it, I think it’s over budget. Oh well. Haha